Restaurants put social media on the menu

New York City restaurant owner Sean Connolly says he “majored in babes and minored in booze.” That education led him to a successful career in the volatile world of high-end eateries.

The secrets to running three thriving restaurants in the country’s most demanding market in a weak economy are great chefs, creative menus, loyal staffs and a lot of luck, says Connolly. He opened Eatery during the 2000 recession. Whym debuted just before the current economy collapsed and he opened Ktchn this past spring. Despite the eye-popping timing, Connolly’s rolling in the black.

Yet, this experience didn’t necessarily come with an education in social media, which is something Connolly mastered along the way.

“It’s as much a part of the job as anything else,” he explains. You’d be a fool to ignore social media, or fight it, he says.

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