Restaurants turn to Twitter in D.C. snowstorm

Restaurant owners looking to get the word out about their status during the weekend’s snowstorm often found themselves turning to Twitter.

The micro-blogging site was bursting with news from D.C. eateries, announcing openings, closings and even special deals aimed at luring customers out of the snow and into their doors.

Dozens of restaurants tweeted various messages about their states.

Liberty Tavern, in Arlington’s Clarendon neighborhood, informed customers Saturday: “Open for business. Burger and a pint for $10 if you can walk on by”.

Clarendon’s Eventide Restaurant took a different route, saying: “We’ll be closed Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Stay safe!”

Some restaurateurs even personally responded to followers, as Chef Geoff’s Geoff Tracy broadcasted Saturday: “I’m on site and my Chef Geoff’s on New Mexico Ave will be open at 5 p.m.”

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