Revolutionary App for Video Job Applicants Introduces Hispanic Version

Revolutionary App for Video Job Applicants Introduces Hispanic Version

Revolutionary App for Video Job Applicants Introduces Hispanic VersionLanham, MD  (  For franchise restaurants and similar service companies with high employee turnover rates, a new mobile app now gives hiring personnel an easy way to screen potential Hispanic workers in just five minutes.

Maryland – based JobOn’s new mobile app allows job seekers to apply and video interview for restaurant, retail and hospitality jobs over their mobile device, an on-demand customized instant hiring portal. For just a few dollars per month, it not only makes the job screening process much shorter – by as much as 75 percent in many cases – but also allows other store operators, regional managers and multi-unit owners a way to collaborate in the hiring process from any connected device.

“We are really excited about adding multiple languages to JobOn’s products, especially Spanish,” says the company’s founder and CEO Jody Presti. “JobOn by far offers the best pre-hire tools for any growing business, but now we can better connect applicants and employers with a localized version.

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in new communication, with an estimated 500 million around the world. In the United States, the number of Hispanic individuals has jumped by 60 percent in the last ten years.

JobOn’s newest app allows hiring personnel to screen video interviews submitted by applicants in the restaurant, retail and hospitality sectors, where many Hispanic individuals are employed.

“Our Spanish language app will not only provide employers with a remarkably efficient and low-cost way to find the best qualified Hispanic job applicants, but will also help these workers find the best employers,” notes Presti.

The recruitment app provides a quick and efficient way to reach millions of job seekers across dozens of job sites with a single ad. The company has seen fantastic growth in 2015, with hundreds of new customers and a strong international presence, he adds.

JobOn is the leading developer of video-enabled job application technology.  It provides retail and service industry clients with a mobile friendly recruitment platform and has enabled hundreds of thousands of job seekers to apply to more than 35,000 businesses worldwide.

From call-centers to cafes, JobOn is a pioneer in mobile hiring and used by tens of thousands of employers globally. Job applicants can submit a video interview to potential employers demonstrating how their personality and enthusiasm makes them the best fit for a job, or conduct a “face-to-face” interview with multiple hiring decision makers.

Colleen Durocher