Robeks Smoothie Franchise Introduces Build Your Own Juice Program

Robeks Smoothie Franchise Introduces Build Your Own Juice Program

Smoothie franchise plans to increase revenue by capitalizing on juice boom

Robeks Smoothie Franchise Introduces Build Your Own Juice ProgramLos Angeles, CA  (RestaurantNews.comRobeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies has long stood out in the smoothie and juice bar franchise industry thanks to our focus on nutrition and innovation. Our “Build Your Own Juice,” program is our most recent initiative to build strength as a legacy brand — a smoothie franchise that leapfrogs the competition because of our superior products, service, franchisees, and vision.

Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies franchise is introducing a “Build Your Own Juice Bar” to cater to our customers and to capitalize on the boom in the demand for fresh juices and smoothies made with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

“We’re excited to bring the Build Your Own Juice platform to our guests,” says Dan Richmond, Chief Operations Officer with Robeks. “When the customers walk in, they see an enormous fresh fruit display and a huge pile of amazing fresh produce, which they can choose from to create the item that they want. “

Juicing is an industry that is growing without any signs of slowing down. According to Food Republic, an online publication devoted to eating healthy and living well, it has grown to a $200 million annual business.

It is easy to see why: the benefits of juicing are celebrated by celebrities and lauded in publications, and juicing is an increasingly popular tactic people employ on their quest to diet and lose weight. For Robeks Franchise Owners, this is an important way to stay relevant and increase sales by catering to customers who juice at home but struggle to keep fresh produce in stock.

Robeks has been at the forefront of healthy eating since our inception in 1996, and we know how to meet the needs of these important juicing customers. A customer on juice cleanse might buy 30 or more juices at one time! The “Build Your Own Juice,” platform is designed to cater to these customers and draw more and more of them to our stores.

A typical loyal Robeks customer will visit us once a week or more, but juicing requires that people consume nothing but juice for a period of days or weeks. We expect our “Build Your Own Juice” customers to drive in-store traffic — and our franchise owners’ profits — significantly higher.

“Build Your Own Juice” is also designed with the trend of customization in mind. The customer will be able to select from the spread of fresh fruits and vegetables on display and then watch as a Robeks employee turns their personalized choice of ingredients into their own customized juice.

“They get to see exactly what is going in their juice or smoothie,” says Chad Bailey, Chief Marketing Officer with Robeks. “Our competition simply doesn’t extend the level of our transparency that our customers want and appreciate.”

Robeks Smoothie Franchise Introduces Build Your Own Juice Program

We don’t follow trends, we make them

The Robeks smoothie franchise always has been a leader in the smoothie and juice bar industry. When we launched our first store in Southern California in 1996, smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices were still considered niche foods for athletic or health-conscious folks.

We’ve been way ahead of the trend that’s only now starting to catch up with us. We have an impressive track record of “firsts.” For example, Robeks was the first smoothie franchise to offer smoothies with Greek yogurt, and we introduced the “smoothie bowl” to the masses in 2011. We also introduced customers to the now-popular açaí and other Brazilian superfruits. And now we’re the first to offer a Build Your Own Juice program.

“It’s a very upscale offering,” Dan says about the Robeks Build Your Own Juice program. “This program also blends in very nicely with our Next Generation redesign concept of our stores. Our customers are telling us that we have the best-looking design for any restaurant they’ve ever seen. Our stores look upscale, and our customers love the fresh veggie display. There’s a naturalness to our product that our customers enjoy, and the story of our brand is captured in the sophisticated new look of our stores.”

Simple operating system

Robeks unveiled its Next Generation concept in 2014 — a redesign of the interior and exterior of a typical Robeks smoothie franchise store. The prototype — just less than 1,000 square feet — is designed to make Robeks more convenient and accessible to customers and more efficient and profitable for franchisees. The more compact footprint simplifies the process of finding quality locations and gives franchisees the ability to inhabit nontraditional spaces, such as tucked within other retail stores.

Owning a Robeks fresh juices and smoothies franchise is full of built-in benefits. Locations are easy to open, easier to operate than other concepts, and easy to love. And we will guide you from contract signing to grand opening day and beyond.

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Robeks uses only premium ingredients and is a leader among healthy businesses. We have more than 200 franchises open or in development worldwide, and all of them are gathering places for people who want to live healthier lifestyles. To learn more about Robeks smoothie and juice franchise and how you can profit by making it easier for your community to eat healthy, download our free franchise report.