Saigon Sisters Restaurant Present Special Duckavore Menu For Valentine’s Day 2012

Saigon Sisters Restaurant Present Special Duckavore Menu For Valentine's Day 2012
Saigon Sisters Restaurant Present Special Duckavore Menu For Valentine's Day 2012

Chicago, IL  (  Saigon Sisters is excited to introduce their “Special Duckavore Menu” in honor of Valentine’s Day. Available on February 11th, 13th and 14th, the four-course menu from Mary Nguyen Aregoni and chef Matt Riordan features a whole roast duck, with its components split among three of the menu’s four courses. “Duck is a unique dish, and fun to share,” says Aregoni. “It’s certainly more exciting than chicken.” Utilizing almost every possible part of the duck, the chefs have not only made a decadent meal from the bird, but they’ve also offered a pairing of extremely small-vintage wines showcasing the best of French organic and biodynamic production. The meal is priced at $49 per person (tax and gratuity not included), with wine pairings available for $40 per person. (Reservations are available now).

The meal begins with a smoked duck papaya salad. In addition to an oil-free ginger nuoc cham dressing, Thai basil, and freshly ground peanuts, the salad gets an extra rush of flavor from a crispy confit of duck tongue. It is paired with the lovely 2009 Jean-Yves Peron “Cotillon des Dames”. This organic French white’s rustic charm comes from its time aging under voile, in which the wine is exposed until a protective layer of yeast forms on the surface. Add a lack of sulfur dioxide, minimal filtration, and the result is a wild and bright wine – hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, plantain, and a kick of salinity perfectly cleanse the palate for the next bite.

The second course moves things into richer territory. A traditional dumpling soup is is given a French twist – the wontons are stuffed with foie gras simmered in a duck broth, then drizzled with duck fat chili oil. Paired with the 2009 Barmes-Buecher “Rosenberg” – a biodynamically grown Alsatian Pinot Blanc – the savory heat of the dish becomes quite manageable when paired with the rich stone fruits and bright acidity of this full-bodied white.

For the third course (and main event), Saigon Sisters serves up the duck itself – roasted in five spice rub with Chinese broccoli, and presented atop a bed of “Lucky Fried Rice” filled with duck eggs, hearts, and gizzards. For the wine pairing, the 2009 Domaine Chaume-Arnaud Cotes-du-Rhone is a beauty from southeastern Valreas. Displaying almost no oak, the grapes are given full reign to show off an array of flavors: dark cherries, licorice, spice and cherry blossoms.

The meal ends with a yuzu shu sorbet, a potent citrus liqueur made into a soft palate-cleansing treat. A pot of Rooibos tea offers a pleasant herbal tea to soothe your body after the meal, and some bubbles cap off the evening: the Bordelet “Poire Authentique”. This sparkling organic pear cider is complex and mature, showing not only structured tannin and acidity, but also a mature sweetness unmatched in any American ciders. It’s a perfect note to end the meal with, and a fine opportunity to share a toast with your loved one.

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