San Diego’s Sombrero Mexican Food Launches Franchise Program

San Diego's Sombrero Mexican Food Launches Franchise ProgramWith over 25 years of serving the San Diego community, Sombrero Mexican Food, the family owned and operated fresh, quick service Mexican restaurant, is taking its Southern California-based brand to new heights, this month, as it introduces its brand new Franchise Program to the nation.

With nearly 20 locations in Southern California and Arizona, Sombrero will now offer franchise opportunities to qualified candidates.

“San Diego is the epicenter for good, quick service Mexican food; that proves true from how well it is received here,” said Javier Correa Jr., Vice President of Sombrero Mexican Food. “Outside of San Diego, however, no one does Mexican food like we do. We want people outside of Southern California to experience what we do best: serve San Diego-style, fresh and authentic Mexican dishes in a clean and welcoming environment.”

With a detailed layout, the Franchise Program outlines everything from site guidelines, preferred demographics, franchisee qualifications and utility guidelines.

Sombrero’s flexible footprint leaves open and varied franchise options; from small gas stations to traditional drive-thru locations.

“The franchise model we have created will allow for individuals or groups, who know the ‘new’ market, to combine the Sombrero Mexican Food brand with their knowledge and expertise of what works in the local area. That is our equation for success,” said Correa.  

The Original Sombrero opened in the College Area of San Diego back in the 1960’s. This is where many of Sombrero’s recipes were created, as well as where Founder, Javier Sr., learned the family Mexican food business. In1984 Javier reintroduced Sombrero to San Diego, this time as the quick service operation that it is today.

Managing the Sombrero’s new Franchise Program is Ozzie Garcia: a veteran in the Mexican food industry with over 30 years of experience.

“Sombrero is strategically positioned to grow in today’s cautious business environment. Franchisees are looking to maximize their ROI and San Diego Style Sombrero Mexican Food is competitive at every level; from construction, daily operational labor and Cost of Sales,” said Garcia. “The food is hand crafted one succulent item at a time. The authentic recipes and contemporary menu offerings will delight a broad demographic. The fact that we are out of San Diego, and growing, speaks volumes for the strength and desirability of the brand.”

Sombrero locations typically open early for breakfast and close late, with many locations offering 24 hour drive-thru service, featuring fresh Choice Angus meats, top quality cheeses, a completely trans-fat & lard free menu, as well as many healthy ordering options.

Sombrero Mexican Food has 19 locations throughout San Diego County, Corona, El Centro and Yuma, AZ.; all differing in operation hours.

For information on the Franchise Program, contact Ozzie Garcia, Director of Franchise Development, at 909-730-3242 or

To learn more about Sombrero Mexican food, find a location nearest you or view catering options, visit or call (619) 668-1059.