San Jose Family Restaurant, Faultline Brewing Company, Announces New Beers

Faultline Brewing Company will soon release two new beers, its award-winning London Porter and a Weizen Bock

San Jose Family Restaurant, Faultline Brewing Company, Announces New Beers
San Jose Family Restaurant, Faultline Brewing Company, Announces New Beers

Sunnyvale, CA  (  Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose family restaurant, Faultline Brewing Company will soon debut two beers, its ever-popular, once-a-year, award-winning London Porter, and its first attempt at a Weizen Bock.

Faultline Brewing’s award-winning London Porter is expected to be available as of Jan. 12. Over the past ten years, this beer has consistently placed in the top ten at the California State Fair Commercial Craft Brewing Competition. It received the gold medal in 2008 and the silver in 2011. Faultline’s Porter is a smooth and robust black ale with a complex balance of caramel and dry roasted dark chocolate malt flavors. English hops are used for a firm yet balanced bitterness. It has an IBU of 32 and 6.6 percent alc/vol content. Its malt varieties are: pale, brown, crystal and chocolate; and its hop varieties are northern brewers and fuggles.

The brewery restaurant will also offer a Weizen Bock, which Faultline has never before attempted. The Weizen Bock is relatively uncommon, even in Bavaria where it originated. It is a winter wheat ale that is brewed to be as strong as a bock with a corresponding fuller body and enhanced flavors. Bocks can be pale or dark, but Faultline’s will be a darker, amber hue. Bocks also sport a higher alcoholic strength, as high as 7 percent ABV. Bocks show a warming personality, though they should still have a significant rocky head when poured. These beers combine the character of hefeweizens and dopplebocks and as such, are rich and malty with estery, yeasty qualities, and show a note of wheaty crispness through the finish. Faultline Brewing’s Weizen Bock should be ready to pour in mid-February.

As always, Faultline carries seven to nine styles of hand-crafted beers all year long, and customers rely on there always being one of five standards available: Kolsch, Hefeweizen, Best Bitter, 2011 Gold Medal Pale Ale and Stout.

For more information about Faultline Brewing Company, call 408-736-2752, view the brewing restaurant on the web at or visit 1235 Oakmead Parkway in Sunnyvale.

About Faultline Brewing Company

Faultline Brewing Company is a brewery restaurant located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Offering traditional comfort foods like Pot Roast and St. Louis BBQ Ribs, it also features more unique dishes like its famous Tempura Ahi Rolls at this San Jose family restaurant. Beer is handcrafted on-site and features over 20 ales and lagers throughout the year. San Jose’s Faultline Brewing offers catering service, outdoor dining, live music and the best happy hour.