Should restaurants ban cellphones?

Whether they’re used for Foursquare check-ins or Facebook photos of foie gras, phones are ubiquitous in restaurants these days. But if two recent owner pushbacks are any indication, more diners could find themselves in a cell-free zone.

Rogue 24, a hot new, high-end restaurant in Washington, D.C., has revised its two-page “reservation agreement” to eliminate such contentious policies as charging diners if they arrive more than 30 minutes late. But owner RJ Cooper says he has no intention of backing down on a cellphone and camera ban.

“It’s really about being polite to your fellow guests and your dining companions. If everyone brings out their phones, it detracts from the experience. We’re not telling you not to Tweet; we have areas to do that. You can do it in the salon or the bathroom. We just don’t want cell phones in the dining room,” Cooper told the restaurant blog Eater.

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