Simple Father’s Day Promotion Ideas You Can Use at Your Bar or Restaurant

Simple Father's Day Promotion Ideas You Can Use at Your Bar or Restaurant

When you think of the popular holidays that bring customers in to your bar or restaurant, Father’s Day might not be at the top of your list. But, according to the National Restaurant Association, Father’s Day is the third most popular holiday for people to dine out (right after Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day). With that in mind, you’ll want to do everything you can to attract families to your bar or restaurant. Read on for a few great ways to bring in more customers on Father’s Day.

Have a whole week, not just a day.

Not every dad will be free on a Sunday, so extend your promotion. By having Father’s Day deals every day for a week, you’ll be able to attract more people.

Partner with other businesses.

Contact companies in your neighborhood and see if any are interested in creating deals together. For example, you might want to partner with a golf course or movie theatre to offer package deals to dads.

Get macho.

Focusing on traditionally “manly” drinks and food will appeal to many dads. Play up your strong cocktails and meaty meals.

Have a prix fixe menu.

Make things a little fancier by offering a prix fixe menu with limited options.

Organize kids’ activities.

If you want to attract dads, you have to have something for their kids to do. Make sure to have child-friendly games so that dads are able to enjoy themselves without trying to entertain their kids.

Special dad deals.

Reverse the typical “kids-eat-free” deal and offer free meals to dads with every purchase of a kid’s meal. Or, offer free desserts or appetizers to dads.

Instagram contests.

Encourage customers to post pictures of their dads having fun at your bar or restaurant with a specific hashtag. Then, award a prize to the best picture.

Give them something to remember.

Whether it’s a souvenir beer stein or a t-shirt, customers will enjoy having something to remember their special day with dad.

Snap some photos.

Hire a photographer to take photos of dads with their kids, and then get everyone’s email addresses so you can send them their photos. Bonus: getting email addresses means you’ll be able to send them future deals and promotions. Or, consider renting a photo booth for the day.

Father’s Day can be a big moneymaker for your bar or restaurant. Keep these ideas in mind and see how many families you can bring in on the big day!

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