Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to Start Partnership

Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to Start PartnershipGreen Mountain Coffee Roasters is known for quality, innovative roasted coffee varieties and sustainable business practices. Starbucks Corporation runs the largest and most well known coffee shop chain in North America. The two big names in coffee are now pairing together to produce a special line of Starbucks and Tazo tea branded products for the new Keurig Single-Cup Brewing System.

Keurig’s Single-Cup Brewing System uses specialty K-Cups, each filled with a strong, flavorful syrup that recreates the best drinks from well known coffee companies and restaurants at home. Consumers can purchase mixed packs that allow them to enjoy a variety of different drinks, or mix and match their own single K-Cups. The system allows for direct quality control, ensuring that any branded products produce the same drink taste and experience as they do when made by trained baristas.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters will be producing a super-premium line of coffee and tea K-Cups under the Starbucks brand. This will allow home users with a Keurig Single-Cup machine to create their own Starbucks favorites in convenient single servings. The corporation also plans to sell the Keurig machine, the Starbucks K-Cups and other supplies for the system in a majority of Starbucks locations. Consumers will also be able to pick up the new K-Cups at any retailer that currently carries them.

Surveying has shown that 80 percent of Starbucks customers do not use a single cup brewing machine. However, many fans of the Starbucks coffee quality may soon purchase one when they find out they can create their favorite coffee drinks at home. Growth in the coffee section of the food industry was driven by single-cup brewing systems last year. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has already broken into the area with a line of specialty K-Cups, and now they plan to help Starbucks do the same.