Steakhouses Are America’s Favorite Type of Restaurant

Steakhouses Are America's Favorite Type of Restaurant

Considering the prolonged love affair America seems to be having with protein, it’s not surprising that steakhouses remain the top full-service restaurant where hungry folk chow down.

According to the market researchers at Technomic, while full-service restaurants in general continued to improve year over year, generating an average 3.5% increase in annual sales, steakhouses led the industry with a 5.5% gain.

And this has occurred even as beef prices hit record highs and remain at elevated levels.The Drovers Cattle Network says the average retail price for fresh beef during June was a record $6.114 per pound, $0.60 per pound higher than the year ago price and $0.05 more than the previous record set in March.

Of course, not every steakhouse fared equally well, and some did much better than others.

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