Subway & Jared: Who’s the Biggest Winner?

Subway & Jared: Who's the Biggest Winner?Jared Fogel teamed up with Subway for the first time 15 years ago and still has no regrets. He credits Subway for helping him lose 245 pounds in a single year and says that the chain saved his life. However, the chain has also benefited immensely from their long term relationship. The company credits him for building their brand into a health icon before consumers were even expecting slimming fast food options. This set them up in a unique position to take advantage of the sudden health focus that started about six years ago. The company has tripled its sales in the 15 years since the beginning of the partnership, and now operates more locations around the world than even McDonald’s. Jared has also used his fame wisely to build a brand of his own, which includes motivational speaking engagements, children’s books and personal appearances.  Read the full article at USA Today.