Subway Launches New Franchise Program for Veterans

Subway Launches New Franchise Program for VeteransTo help veterans from all of the United States Armed Forces branches, the Subway restaurant chain company has designed a new program to help men and women purchase their own franchise at significantly lower costs. Subway’s normal franchise fee is $15,000, but will be waived for any veteran with proof of a honorable discharge from an Armed Forces branch and who plans to operate their new restaurant at a government or military location. Non-military or government locations still qualify for a 50 percent decrease in franchise fees.

The program was designed by the Development Department at Subway to help veterans operate their own businesses with reduced costs. Finding work once they exit the military can be difficult, and military training often gives veterans the self-discipline and skills needed to operate their own business. But most franchise fees are very high, putting many franchise opportunities out of reach for veterans.

A Vietnam Veteran who operates his own Subway restaurant chain, John Pryor applauded Subway for their new program. He says that this policy will help many talented and dedicated individuals put their leadership skills to good use. He believes that his military background helped him succeeded in running his eight Subway restaurant ranging throughout Central Florida.

Subway hopes that by bringing veterans into their franchisee ranks the company will grow and spread to many new locations. Few non-government programs exist to help veterans open a franchise branch. Franchises are often good options for self-employed business owners who do not have the time and energy to devote to create their own new brand image. This makes chain restaurants like Subway a good choice for veterans who want to open their own business shortly after leaving active service instead of finding traditional employment.