Subway Plans 1,000 New Restaurants in Europe

Subway Plans 1,000 New Restaurants in EuropeSubway, the closely held restaurant chain with more outlets than McDonald’s (MCD) Corp., plans to pick up the pace of openings in Europe by adding as many as 1,000 new locations in 2014.

The sandwich shop operator has 4,018 stores in Europe, where it has continued to grow during the continent’s recession and wobbly recovery, Assistant Regional Director Mike Charest said in an interview. The Milford, Connecticut-based company has opened about 500 stores a year in Europe for the past two years, and may add 800 to 1,000 next year.

“Europe is the strongest, fastest-growing international market for Subway outside of North America, and will continue to be,” Charest said by phone from his Amsterdam office on Aug. 13. Subway’s strategy “works for us regardless of economic situation” by balancing affordability with high-quality food.

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