Taco John’s Reflects on 50 Years of Giving

Taco John's Reflects on 50 Years of Giving

Popular quick-service restaurant supports local and national organizations across the country for half a century

Taco John's Reflects on 50 Years of GivingCheyenne, WY  (RestaurantNews.com)  Since 1969, Taco John’s has given back to the communities it serves the only way it knows how – bigger. bolder. better.

Throughout its 50 years of operation, Taco John’s has donated millions of dollars to various organizations across the country. The brand has remained local to Cheyenne in many of its contributions, donating to several organizations in its home city, like United Way, the Boys & Girls Club and Grace for 2 Brothers Foundation. But, as the brand grew, so did its contributions.

Now, with nearly 400 quick-service restaurants in 23 states, Taco John’s has added several national nonprofits – such as American Cancer Society, Red Cross, Make-A-Wish and Wounded Warriors, along with many others – to its donation list.

“As we celebrate our 50-year milestone, we also want to look back on the impact we have been able to make,” said CEO Jim Creel. “With the holidays coming up, it is exciting to enter the season of giving with such humbling results. It is our duty to give back to the community. This is something we feel very strongly about, and we are fortunate to have franchisees nationwide who are just as passionate as we are.”

Taco John’s giving at the corporate level has been contagious throughout the company as it inspires its franchisees to give back to their communities as well. Individual franchise locations are encouraged to determine which organizations to support throughout its communities, and many now have strong ties to a specific local organization.

“Giving to others is a joy, and we love that we and other franchisees do so regularly through Taco John’s encouragement to get involved in the community,” said Jeff Brands, President and CEO of Taco John’s of Iowa. “Over the years we have had the privilege to give to organizations as well as partner with organizations in fundraising efforts. Some of those organizations have been American Cancer Society, MDA, Susan G. Komen, Yellow Ribbon Fund, Food Bank of Iowa and Alzheimer’s Association. We are proud of our patrons who always come alongside us in these fundraising efforts to help those in need.”

Megan Grundstrom, vice president of Preferred Restaurant Group, a Taco John’s franchisee, said giving back to its local communities has always been a priority for Preferred Restaurant Group because it is a privilege to do business in any community.

“We believe in supporting and giving back to our communities,” Grundstrom said. “We look for opportunities to participate in, develop and enhance various community-oriented programs. We will continue to focus a portion of our efforts on promoting education, fighting cystic fibrosis, and helping those in need.”

After Hurricane Katrina devastated many in 2005, Taco John’s International, Inc. created the Taco John’s Foundation to support multiple different organizations. To date, the Taco John’s Foundation has donated more than $1.16 million to nonprofits throughout the nation.

In 1996, Taco John’s started a successful national campaign in which the brand offers its fan-favorite, Nachos Navidad® during the holiday season and donates a portion of the proceeds from every purchase to a worthy cause in each location’s community. Many franchisees have developed strong relationships with certain organizations over the years and choose to donate to them annually through the Nachos Navidad® campaign.

“We are humbled to have had the opportunity to donate millions to different organizations across the nation over the past 50 years through different fundraising opportunities,” Creel said. “With so many of us eager to make a difference and with many initiatives in place, we expect that number to grow immensely in the next 50 years.”

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Taco John's Reflects on 50 Years of Giving

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