TadkaChef Helps Curry Chef’s Get Indian Restaurant Jobs

TadkaChef Helps Curry Chef's Get Indian Restaurant Jobs

TadkaChef Helps Curry Chef's Get Indian Restaurant Jobs(RestaurantNews.comTadkaChef.com is a simple and easy to use Job Portal that connects Indian restaurant chefs and employees with Indian restaurant owners.  It is a two-way bridge between Indian restaurant employees and the Indian restaurant owners.  It helps Indian Chefs get a job ASAP.

The best part is TadkaChef.com is absolutely free for all Indian restaurant employees or anyone who aspires to work at Indian restaurants across all 50 states in the USA.  Indian restaurant owners pay a small monthly subscription fee to use the platform.

What kind of Indian restaurant employees can get help from TadkaChef?

  • Head Curry Chef
  • Assistant Curry Chef
  • South Indian Chef
  • Indo Chinese Chef
  • Biryani Chef
  • Tandoori Chef
  • Dosa Chef
  • Chat Man
  • Indian restaurant Manager
  • Indian Restaurant waiter
  • Kitchen helper etc.

What problem does TadkaChef solve in Indian the restaurant industry?

Indian restaurant owners now don’t have an option to hire an employees directly online.  They are relying on individual friends, ex-employees or fellow restaurant owners and it’s a very difficult and time-consuming task.  Based on an internal research by TadkaChef it takes 18 days to hire an employee for an Indian restaurant.

And the same exact thing with the Indian restaurant employees.  Most of them use WhatsApp and Facebook groups to find a new job, which is very unsafe and their personal mobile number is visible to others present in the group who could be anybody.  And finding a new job in a desired location is another difficult task for the employees.

So TadkaChef basically makes the process of hiring for Indian restaurants, both employees and owners like a lot

  • Tadka chef is Easier, Faster and Safer.

TadkaChef Helps Curry Chef's Get Indian Restaurant Jobs

How is the Indian restaurant industry being transformed with the help of TadkaChef?

TadkaChef is America’s no. 1 Indian restaurant Job Portal.  All stake holders of the industry can learn hundreds of tricks and tactics from TadkaChef academy about all topics of the Indian restaurant industry.  Anyone who completes the courses in the TadkaChef academy can claim their certificate, as well.

Restaurant Owners Benefits

  • Rapid Expansion (could expand the business)
  • Get qualified and talented chefs
  • Hire in a few hours
  • Everything is done on a mobile phone
  • Your mobile number remain anonymous
  • Peace of mind
  • You and your team can learn from TadkaChef academy

Chef/ Employee Benefits

  • Get a job in minutes or hours
  • Find honest restaurant owners who pay on time
  • Your mobile number remain anonymous
  • Network with your fellow chefs & industry employees
  • Learn new recipes, tricks, and tactics from the TadkaChef academy
  • Above all its started by the chefs and for the chefs
  • Finally its 100% Free for the chefs/employees

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