The billboards are on every street corner – Taco Bell Pacific Shrimp Tacos.

Maybe you had the same feeling I did upon first viewing the advertisements. Will people really order shrimp tacos from Taco Bell? It got me thinking about other Fast Food Fiascos – products that came with hordes of hype, some with millions of dollars in promotion, only to FAIL. Miserably.

Here are my picks for the biggest mistakes in Fast Food history. The sad thing is I actually enjoyed a few of these. I guess some things are just too good to be true.

#15: BK VEGGIE Burger – Burger King
Burger King launched this “healthy option” back in 2002 and was lauded by wellness groups. The burger didn’t sell as they expected, and soon vegetarian groups protested to the way it was “flame broiled” along with other burgers, because there could be cross-contamination. So, the VEGGIE had to be microwaved. The burger remains on the menu without any promotion, but was never the hit among VEGGIE fanatics that BK had hoped for.

#14: McBrats – McDonald’s
McDonald’s began selling brats in select midwestern cities during the 1990’s. Not suprisingly, people didn’t flock to the arches for a McBrat. Maybe because they weren’t serving McBeer?

#13: McLobster – McDonald’s
That’s right – McDonald’s serves a lobster sandwich. Only available in select areas in the northeast on a seasonal basis, this gimmick never took off. Maybe because the sandwich costs $6? Or maybe because people aren’t thinking shellfish when they head to McDonald’s.

#12a: BK Table Service – Burger King
Back in the early 90’s, Burger King insulted its audience with these annoying ads featuring Dan Cortese – or “Dan The Whopper Man.” To top it off, they introduced a new “service,” where employees would deliver food right to the customers table. You know, like a real restaurant! I remember my father yelling at the TV about how stupid this was, complaining about having to worry about tipping in a Fast Food restaurant. FAIL.

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