Topper’s Pizza Serves Up ‘Amazingly Delicious’ Branding Initiative

Topper's Pizza Serves Up 'Amazingly Delicious' Branding InitiativeConsumers who have yet to try Topper’s Pizza will soon know what they’re missing. With a new tagline and recharged logo, the successful family business is bolstering its brand to better reflect its commitment to customers. The goal is to get the word out that Topper’s Pizza aims to deliver an “amazingly delicious” experience, every time.

“This is simply a re-envisioning of something Topper’s Pizza has done well since its inception more than 25 years ago,” said Nicole Norris, who joined the corporate team in June as Marketing Manager and is helping to roll out the initiative. “Our goal is to build a brand that reflects our promise to a new generation of pizza customers, using social media and other interactive tools to engage them in a way that is more energetic and dynamic than ever.”

Working with Greenbaum Marketing Communications of Henderson, Nevada, Topper’s Pizza analysed customer feedback to come up with its new tagline: Amazingly Delicious. At the same time, it sharpened its corporate logo with a slightly different top hat and bright red key line. The effort is part of an overall strategy to continue to build customer loyalty while aggressively growing the business through franchise opportunities.

“At Topper’s, we have an aggressive plan to increase our reach across Ontario within the next three years,” added Norris, noting that the company has locations available for expansion throughout the province with a focus on local bedroom communities. “Simply put, we plan to become a dominant force, and the first and only choice for Ontario pizza lovers.”

As part of its new brand and franchise growth initiative, Topper’s Pizza has launched a dedicated website for prospective franchisees that simplifies the information gathering and screening process ( The company is also working with GreenBaum to redesign its corporate website and will be launching a streamlined consumer on-line ordering site next year.

The new direction was actually inspired by customers, said Norris. “We’re injecting an element of fun into our brand and at the end of the day, it’s really about serving our customers,” she said. “This is simply an ‘amazingly delicious’ time to pay a visit to Topper’s, whether you’re craving pizza or want to learn more about our lucrative business opportunities.”

To learn more about the new branding initiative or to locate an expansion market near you, contact Topper’s Pizza today at 1-877-558-5581.