Tweed Restaurant Now Offering A Wine List With 40 Bottles Of Wine For Under $40

Tweed Restaurant Now Offering A Wine List With 40 Bottles Of Wine For Under $40Ed Bianchini, owner of Tweed restaurant is a huge wine fan and he is very excited about the wine list. “There are so many different kinds of wines out there and now you can get great quality for more affordable prices. We are taking full advantage of it! I have personally handpicked each bottle to make sure they at least meet my standards.”

Ed Bianchini had a Michelin awarded restaurant in south of France for over 20 years, and his passion for food and wine has now been transferred to his hometown Philadelphia.  Together with Chef David Cunningham he opened Tweed in the summer of 2010. They serve food from local farms and their goal is to use 100% locally farmed produce throughout the restaurant. They are working very hard to have a gastronomic menu based on the season for reasonable prices using local and organic farms.

“I want to show people it is possible to be sustainable and use local farmers from the tri-state area with out it costing you a fortune. It taste much better and nothing is better than knowing where your food is coming from. It is the way we have been eating for centuries, but it seems like we got lost somewhere in between the computers and the fast food.”

When you ask the servers where the meat is from they can actually give you the exact location and the name of the farm. This is why Tweed got selected to participate in the City Food Tour’s “Homegrown” special tour. It is a 2-hour tasting adventure taking you to the best organic spots in the city to teach you about the philosophy behind organic and locally farmed food. Chef David Cunningham will talk about the easy access to great produce and the importance of organic food. He will also provide tastings from his decadent menu.

The Homegrown food tour will continue on until Saturday December 18th. To get more information visit the web site:

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