Where Do Franchise Leads Come From?

Where Do Franchise Leads Come From?

by Nick Powills, 1851 Franchise


We, as humans, are conditioned to believe that A + B = C. In fact, it is one of the first things we are taught in life. Where Do Franchise Leads Come From?

But as franchise humans, we need to adjust our way of thinking – specifically when it comes to franchiise sales – specifically, lead attribution.

Since January 2022, we have been collecting information from every franchise owner we talk with. We deep dive into their journey to help collect insights that may be helpful to you in the sales process. One of the insights I thought was the largest and potentially the most impactful was related to the process of buying – the time, the energy and the methods used by each franchise owner we profiled.

What is clear is not one of the hundreds said: I saw a Google Ad, filled out the form and bought a franchise.

Yet, we continue to discuss what platform drives the most amount of leads.

That question is going to continue to be nearly impossible to answer as long as the data points toward a complete puzzle versus individual pieces.

For years, we have taken an honest approach to lead generation, choosing not to take the path of many franchise suppliers by “selling leads”, rather recommending a collective approach. Thus, the answer to what platform drives the most leads is: all.

As the equation is actually this:

PR + Content + Facebook Ad + Retargeting + Google Search + LinkedIn Celebration Post + Validation Call = Lead or Deal

This is one of the toughest parts of investing in digital ads or PR or content. You can spend until you’re blue in the face and be disappointed.

The same thing that gets you stuck at 10 deals will get you stuck at 20 and 30 and 40.

Change the mindset, change the outcome.

The candidates are telling us this. We need to listen to this.

Build a collective. Don’t make knee jerk reactions.

Gain insights into who your candidates are and why they are buying from you – and invest.

Try a little of everything, then tell me if it doesn’t work.

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