Why is Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies Franchise a Legacy Brand?

Why is Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies Franchise a Legacy Brand?

Industry experts say innovation, customer service and ability to change sets legacy brands apart

Why is Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies Franchise a Legacy Brand?Los Angeles, CA  (RestaurantNews.com)  Based in Los Angeles and founded in 1996, Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies is known as a trailblazer in the smoothie and juice bar franchise industry. In the past year, the company has been dedicated to building its strength as a legacy brand — a best-in-class fresh juices and smoothies franchise that leapfrogs the competition.

Just what is a legacy brand?

In the computer industry Apple is a legacy brand. Among car manufacturers BMW stands out as a legacy brand. Harley-Davidson stands out for motorcycles. When it comes to smoothie franchises, Robeks fresh juices and smoothies franchise is the one.

“Legacy brands and products set the standard by which all others are judged,” says branding expect Matthew Evins, writing for LuxurySociety.com. “Legacy brands and products possess the following fundamental characteristics: benefit, cachet, experience, inspiration, passion, performance, pleasure, promise, uniqueness and a value that transcends cost.”

Talk to the Brand, an online blog about branding, says legacy brands shine in three main ways. They are innovative, they make their customers feel “like a million bucks” and they embrace change. Robeks fresh juices and smoothies franchise embodies these three qualities in many ways. Here are three examples.

1. Robeks is an innovator in the smoothie industry, introducing customers to now-popular açaí and other Brazilian superfruits, and bringing smoothie bowls to the masses. We were the first franchise to introduce a Greek Yogurt smoothie, an especially healthy choice since Greek yogurt has twice as much protein and fewer carbohydrates than regular yogurt. Our fresh raw juice lineup puts Robeks far ahead of its competitors in the smoothie industry, many of whom sell juices that sit on shelves or are made from powders or syrups. It all points to one of the main reasons why we’re considered a legacy brand in the smoothie industry: we pay as much attention to nutrition as to taste. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other — Robeks proves it.

2. Our menu caters to individual needs, thus delivering an unparalleled customer service experience. We don’t just want to sell you a smoothie or an order of fresh-squeezed juice. We want it to fit your dietary desires and needs. Going paleo? There are several vegetable juices that fit your diet nicely. Vegan? We can use soy milk instead of dairy in our smoothies. Focused on losing weight? We offer several low-menu calorie items that are designed to ramp up your metabolism. Training for a triathlon? Our high-protein smoothies can help your muscles recover from a workout. The flexibility of our menu comes from almost 18 years of paying close attention to nutrition, which allows us to cater to everyone.

3. Since the launch of its first franchise in 1996, Robeks has consistently changed its menu with the times. We’re committed to always using wholesome ingredients and fresh fruits and vegetables, but we are just as devoted to adding healthier and tastier innovations as opportunities arise.

Why is Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies Franchise a Legacy Brand?

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Robeks uses only premium ingredients and is a leader among healthy businesses. We have more than 200 franchises open or in development worldwide, and all of them are gathering places for people who want to live healthier lifestyles. To learn more about Robeks smoothie and juice franchise and how you can profit by making it easier for your community to eat healthy, download our free franchise report.