Why Purchase New Equipment for Your Restaurant?

Why Purchase New Equipment for Your Restaurant

Purchasing new equipment from a restaurant supply store might not be the first thing on your mind as a restaurant manager, but we can guarantee you that it will come up. It may come from your employees. It may come from your customers. It may even come from an expired service contract. But it will come up.

So why not take action early by regularly inspecting equipment for needed upgrades? It’s easier to replace things earlier, or at least start budgeting at a sign of problems, than having to suddenly buy something as soon as possible to keep the business going.

Purchasing new equipment is an investment, not an expense. It’s an investment that will immediately pay you back in efficiency, improved morale, and more.

Stop Wasting Energy

Older equipment can waste energy in lots of ways. For instance, a seal can start breaking down on a refrigeration unit, or dust accumulation can make motors work harder. Yet it’s not just wear and tear that causes inefficiency. If you haven’t replaced appliances in a while, an upgrade could start paying for itself in reduced energy bills. New equipment means you can stop worrying about spending as much money on energy.

Stop Wasting Water

Water waste is another issue. Dishwashers and ice machines are a prime source for water waste. Are your current models Energy Star certified, and if they are do they meet the current standards? You might find there’s a more efficient model on the market.

Stop Losing Morale

Your chefs can become frustrated if they have to work around the equipment. New equipment in the shop will mean a boost of morale. Your chefs might feel that they’re getting a treat for their hard work and service. Plus, new equipment may help them cook faster and at higher volume.

Stop Losing Money

All of these things; the energy loss, the water loss, and the morale loss can lead to lost money. You’re the manager; talk with your crew about what needs an upgrade. Determine how soon an upgrade would pay for itself, then pull the trigger on getting that nice new stove, oven, dishwasher, or whatever else your restaurant needs.

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