Wing Warehouse and Scorchers merge, hope to expand geographically once economy improves

Darrell Guariniello and Denny Lowe laugh heartily as they remember their first conversation two years ago.

Both were owners of locally founded restaurant chains and the very definition of ”competitor.”

Lowe and his wife, Brenda, had successfully franchised about a dozen bar and grills under the Scorchers brand they created in 1994, while Guariniello had purchased Wing Warehouse and was flying his flag at six Northeast Ohio locations.

Still, Guariniello didn’t think it was a big deal to pick up the phone and call Lowe to see if the rumors were true: Were the Lowes looking to sell Scorchers?

”I knew what my aspirations were, to grow my brand and my chain, so it never hurts to ask,” he said.

The response was less than warm.

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