You love to cook, but can you get paid for it?

So you love to cook, and people say you’re pretty good at it. But can you make a living from culinary passion?

Jennifer Vogel believed she could. As she and Doreen Grontkowski became friendly at a Mom’s Club in suburban Cincinnati, they both realized they were ready for something new after several mainly stay-at-home years. Both were in their early 30s, and both had marketing experience.

“And we both had the same love for food,” said Vogel, who had become an avid Food Network viewer and received chef’s training at the Midwest Culinary Institute in Cincinnati.

After a year of planning, they opened The Learning Kitchen. Vogel spent the first day demonstrating how to make risotto and handing out free samples, while Grontkowski showed off top-line cookware in their retail boutique. Cooking-class bookings piled up.

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