5 Reasons Why Squisito Experiences Unwavering Success

Michele DiMeo, Squisito Franchise's President and COO of the Monte Restaurant Development Group
Michele DiMeo, Squisito Franchise’s President and COO of the Monte Restaurant Development Group

5 Reasons Why Squisito Experiences Unwavering SuccessSquisito Pizza and Pasta brings the best of two worlds to the same kitchen, combining the flavors of Italy and authentic NY Style Pizza. Their mission is to deliver top quality, authentic meals at an affordable price point. Squisito creates recipes that are meant to be shared and savored by families, large or small. Their menu offers only the finest in homemade ingredients and fresh produce, making the Squisito difference evident in each and every bite.

Squisito Franchise’s President and COO of the Monte Restaurant Development Group, Michele DiMeo, answered our questions about the brand and also shared five reasons why Squisito is the perfect franchise opportunity.

1.  How is Squisito continuing to stay innovative?

We have adapted our online ordering platform to aid our customers with an easy and convenient experience whether they are looking to order online and pickup in-store, curbside or opt for delivery from Grubhub and DoorDash. Guests can also order online straight from our Squisito app which utilizes advanced technology to allow for quick, customized ordering. The app also hosts our Squisito loyalty app where users can earn points, view points and coupons in real time, order online (select locations), and even favorite a location to receive exclusive store information and specials. For every $1 you spend, you earn 1x point. For every 150x points, you are rewarded with $10 off your order, automatically! Meanwhile, with safety top of mind in our stores, we have implemented contactless curbside pickup, delivery and even contactless payment on orders. We recently introduced QR codes so our customers can view the menus digitally right from their phones.

2.  How have you pushed through the challenges that the restaurant market is facing with the pandemic to remain successful?

Every day, we continue to look for ways to elevate Squisito to the next level. Prior to the onset of the pandemic, our brand was already executing very well with our third-party delivery partners. Therefore, any challenges brought on by limited dine-in options were able to be addressed very quickly thanks to our great technology and the fact that our product travels well.

Meanwhile, we also took the time to listen to the changing needs of our customers. Understanding that for many people, the thought of going to the store was and still is met with apprehension, we decided to offer essential groceries including sanitation products and provisions available for curbside pickup and delivery. This includes paper towels and hand sanitizer as well as necessary foods like milk, eggs, meats, and cheeses. We also offer some fun foods like our signature homemade Squisito sauce to pair with your favorite pasta or a pint of our homemade gelato. Additionally, knowing that many families were quarantining together, we decided to introduce family meals as a permanent staple on our menu. Feeding groups of two, four or eight, families can enjoy their Italian favorites from Squisito at an always affordable price point.

5 Reasons Why Squisito Experiences Unwavering Success

3.  What makes Squisito so attractive to prospective franchisees?

Squisito’s continuous expansion stems from three factors: focused growth, a dedication to quality, and overall experience. We imply a system that makes ownership easy and delivers a program for success which is coupled with almost four decades of “know how” expertise. Our products transcend fads and serve up only savory success.

Currently, we are proud to say that we are experiencing aggressive growth, not only in terms of franchise locations but corporate locations as well and are soon to open in Tennessee in addition to the Washington D.C. Metro area. All of our markets are open to further expansion with our emphasis currently on the Eastern Seaboard, D.C. through Florida.

5 Reasons Why Squisito Experiences Unwavering Success

4.  How do you maintain consistency at all Squisito locations?

We utilize a franchisor support system that interacts and insists on quality. Since our inception in 1998, we have always delivered only homemade family recipes using the freshest ingredients. Every single item on our menu, whether it’s our mouthwatering pizza, generous servings of pasta, salads and sandwiches or our signature sauces, are homemade from authentic family recipes. All of our food is made to order, creating only the best-tasting entrĂ©es.

We know our customers expect the best and we are proud to offer it to them in our authentic Italian dishes, each and every time. After all, Squisito does mean exquisite!

5.  How does Squisito support local communities?

Squisito is a family-focused franchise which means that the local community is so important to us. We are a place where our guests feel comfortable, welcomed, and at home. We are dinner around a neighborhood kitchen table.

Squisito proudly supports the communities where we do business by offering fundraising programs. Local organizations can host fundraiser nights at their local Squisito store and receive 15% of proceeds from their event plus Squisito will match all organizations’ donations with gift cards that can be used for raffles, baskets, auctions or any other great ideas! Giving priority to youth activities, schools, and non-profit organizations, we also accept requests for certain specific donations and sponsorships.

We are always looking for deserving groups to give back to. During the pandemic, we delivered meals to local frontline workers to show our appreciation for all of their hard work and support that they give to our community.

For more information about franchise opportunities, visit www.squisitofranchise.com or contact Franchise Sales Director Michael Breault at info@squisitofranchise.com or 410-919-2072 x 150.

5 Reasons Why Squisito Experiences Unwavering Success