Angus Barn to Celebrate 50 Years of Excellence in Dining and Hospitality

When novice restaurateurs Thad Eure Jr. and Charles Winston opened the Angus Barn ( on June 28, 1960, their detractors told them it would never work. The location off the then-two-lane Highway 70 between Raleigh and Durham was considered too remote. On opening night the restaurant did not have enough water stations. On their first Saturday night in business, the dishwashers quit, leaving Eure, Winston and their wives, Alice and Flo, scrubbing a mountain of dishes until early next morning.

Lucky for connoisseurs of fine food and wine everywhere, Eure and Winston’s vision of providing peerless hospitality, excellent value and a meal of impeccable quality amidst an ambiance of rustic Americana has endured for 50 years. Having survived a fire, the loss of Thad and Alice Eure, changes in the American diet, increased competition and numerous fluctuations in the economy, this venerable “Beefeaters Haven” has not only survived but thrived through innovation and adaptability.

Over the years the Angus Barn has expanded its menu to include seafood and other dishes, added the popular Wild Turkey Bar & Lounge, maintained an award-winning wine selection, offered special themed dinners in its elegant Wine Cellar dining rooms, added a Chef’s Table in the heart of the kitchen, and opened a 500-seat year-round lakeside pavilion ( It also opened a teaching kitchen especially designed for Executive Chef and “Iron Chef America” winner Walter Royal, and most recently, introduced an open-air smoking lounge and patio named The Meat Locker, where cigar aficionados can partake of their favorite selections from the Angus Barn’s famous humidor.

Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

Today the Angus Barn is an esteemed institution known worldwide for its numerous accolades, wonderful food and extraordinary service. Eure’s daughter Van continues the tradition of excellence established by her father and mother.

“The Angus Barn truly embodies the spirit of my parents,” said Van Eure. “They took great care to treat every patron like royalty and our team still wholeheartedly embraces that philosophy. It’s been an amazing 50 years, and we are extremely grateful to our guests.”

To celebrate its Golden Anniversary, the Angus Barn will host four special events from June 26 to June 28:

Saturday, June 26 – Come have dinner at the Barn and enjoy a complimentary dessert buffet and live entertainment from The David Dyer Trio at the Lakeside Pavilions. Call for reservations.

Or enjoy “The Fabulous 50 Feast” at The Wine Cellar featuring an eight-course dinner with the Angus Barn’s most cherished dishes and wines. $100 per person. Limited seating available. Call for tickets.

Sunday, June 27 – “Wild Turkey Bourbon Tasting and Dinner” with Master Distiller Eddie Russell from Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey in Kentucky hosting a five-course dinner and bourbon tasting. $100 per person. Call for tickets.

Monday, June 28 – The Angus Barn turns 50 years old! Come dine at the Barn and get in free to the celebration at the Lakeside Pavilions with heavy hors d’ouevres, dessert bar and live entertainment from Mid-Life Crisis. Limited seating available. Call for reservations.

“I look forward to celebrating this special occasion with our customers and some of the original staff who helped open the Angus Barn in 1960,” added Eure.

By the Numbers

In 50 years in business, it is estimated that the Angus Barn has served more than 13 million guests, helped celebrate 320,000 anniversaries, witnessed 12,000 engagements and served 570,000 complimentary pound cakes for special occasions.

Angus Barn patrons have consumed more than 11.6 million steaks (now averaging 22,000 served per month), 2 million pounds of cheese, 3.5 million dill pickles, and 325,900 chocolate chess pies. Upon leaving the restaurant, they’ve helped themselves to more than 7.1 million complimentary apples for good luck and 4.6 million matchboxes.

In 1959, Thad Eure Jr. and Charles Winston bought the original 50-acre parcel of land where the restaurant resides for $6,750. The original restaurant seated 275 and costed approximately $200,000 to build. Today the Angus Barn routinely makes the annual list of the 50 top-producing independent restaurants in the country, this year ranking 24th.

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