Artichoke Basille’s Pizza Proudly Announces Second Arizona Location

Famed NYC pizza concept Artichoke Basille's Pizza is bringing larger than life slices and pies to Phoenix, Arizona in Spring of 2021.
Famed NYC pizza concept Artichoke Basille’s Pizza is bringing larger than life slices and pies to Phoenix, Arizona in Spring of 2021.

The Concept’s Famed New York-Style Slices and Whole Pies Are Coming Soon to Phoenix, AZ

Artichoke Basille's Pizza Proudly Announces Second Arizona LocationPhoenix, AZ  (RestaurantNews.comArtichoke Basille’s Pizza, the nation’s largest and fastest growing New York- style pizzeria known for its authentic New York slices and pies, will open a new location in Phoenix in spring 2021. The new outpost, located at 6031 N 16th Street, Suite #1, in Phoenix, will mark the second Arizona restaurant for Artichoke Basille’s Pizza with franchisees Keith Bolognese and Ron Marino, who are long-time friends of Artichoke Pizza’s founders and fans of the New York-based pizza brand.

The Phoenix menu will star Artichoke’s authentic New York slices and larger than life whole pies in 11 varieties, including signature styles like the namesake Artichoke Pie and Crab Pie, plus traditional pizzas like Margherita, Pepperoni, and Meatball. The menu will also feature a full bar, salads, and lighter fare to pair alongside the signature New York slices. The Phoenix location will be 2,500 square feet and will pay homage to Artichoke’s original outpost with antique tin ceiling and exposed brick. Unlike the Tempe location, the indoor bar will feature more traditional touches with a wood back bar, lit glass shelving, wall-fixture beer taps, and a marble bar top, creating a cozy atmosphere within. Operable sliding windows will open on to the street, and outdoor seating will be available on a 400 square foot front patio.

“When I moved to Phoenix, I purposefully selected this area to live and become a part of this community,” said franchisee Ron Marino. “I quickly realized what a happening area this is, and felt that this community and  neighborhood would embrace an Artichoke location, similar to the great reception we had in Tempe. I am thrilled to soon bring Artichoke Basille’s Pizza to the area, and share our high-quality pizzas and larger-than-life slices with more of Arizona.”

Founded in 2008 by cousins Francis Garcia and Sal Basille, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza specializes in serving an authentic style of pizza born and bred from fourth generation New York City pizzaiolos. Artichoke’s signature slices and whole pies feature a variety of toppings that range from the unique like artichoke cream sauce and Surimi crab meat to more traditional favorites like pepperoni, meatball, and ricotta. Unlike other fast casual pizza concepts, Artichoke’s pies are never made in a conveyor belt oven, but instead cooked to perfection in a more traditional deck oven. Their award-winning pizzas have attracted a cult-like fanbase of local New Yorkers, tourists, and celebrities alike, and founders Fran & Sal have garnered national recognition with appearances on The Rachael Ray Show, Fox & Friends, late night TV shows, and two of their own Cooking Channel series, Pizza Masters and Pizza Cuz.

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza currently operates 15 locations nationwide in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Arizona and California, with units in varying stages of development across the country. To learn more about franchising and stay up-to-date with the latest Artichoke Basille’s Pizza happenings, visit and follow the brand @ArtichokePizza on social media.

About Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza is a New York City-based fast casual pizza concept known for its authentic, thick crust New York slices and whole pies. The concept was founded by cousins and pizzaiolos Francis Garcia and Sal Basille in 2008, and has since attracted legions of fans from NYC locals, tourists, and celebrities alike. Unlike other fast casuals, their pizzas are never made in a conveyor belt oven, and their curated flavors range from the unique to the traditional, like the namesake Artichoke Pie, Crab Pie, and Vodka Pie. Artichoke Pizza has gained national attention via Fran & Sal’s two Cooking Channel series, appearances on nationally-syndicated television shows, and was recently named on QSR’s list of ‘40 Most Exciting Fast Casuals Under 40 Units.’ The brand currently operates 15 locations from coast-to-coast, with additional locations on the way in New Jersey, Arizona, Connecticut, and Northern California. Visit for more information.

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