Boston Market Helps Guests Enjoy Healthy Eating

Boston Market Helps Guests Enjoy Healthy EatingBoston Market is helping guests keep their resolutions to eat better in 2011 with calorie-conscious choices and reduced-sodium recipes. With the temptations of holiday treats in the rearview, many diners are looking to cut back on calories and adopt healthier eating habits. In the first month of the New Year, Boston Market is helping them do just that by highlighting sensible menu items, announcing changes and more in the name of good food and good health – proving you don’t have to give up delicious, homestyle food when watching your waistline.

The Under 550 Calorie Menu

Boston Market currently offers eight (8) Individual Plates and two (2) Lunch Combos with fewer than 550 calories per meal. Diners can choose from a variety of hearty entrees and sides for a dinner or a mid-day meal with less guilt. Entrée choices include three pieces of Dark Rotisserie Chicken, a Quarter White Rotisserie Chicken or Roasted Turkey Breast. Two suggested side options accompany each entrée choice and healthfully round out each of the Individual Plates options, with all included in the total calorie count. For lunch, the Half Roasted Turkey & Swiss Carver and Half Rotisserie Chicken Carver sandwiches are offered with a choice of Steamed Vegetables, Garlic Dill Potatoes or a half Caesar Salad with Light Ranch Dressing. These great combos are part of Boston Market’s Market® Pairs offerings starting at just $5.99.

Lower Sodium Selections

In the late fall of 2010, Boston Market introduced a new poultry gravy with 50% reduced sodium, and sodium levels in its fresh, all-natural chicken was reduced by 20%. The restaurant chain is continuing to evaluate sodium in all of its recipes to see where reductions can be made. For guests with gluten sensitivities, Boston Market will also bring back poultry gravy formulated without products containing gluten to its restaurants by end of February 2011.

A Healthy Outlook

In addition to recently adding Garlicky Lemon Savoy Spinach and Mediterranean Green beans to its menu, Boston Market is always looking into even more ways to provide fresh, homestyle food with special dietary needs in mind.

“We’ve always stood behind the quality of the meals we serve,” said Gretchen Paules, VP of Marketing, Boston Market. “In 2011, we want to shine a spotlight our lighter food items and our movement toward even healthier recipes. We want guests to know they’re getting the very best we have to offer every time they dine with us, and that we’re constantly working to make all options healthier without impacting the tastes and flavors they love.”

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