DeliverThat and Vromo Announce Strategic Partnership

DeliverThat and Vromo Announce Strategic Partnership

DeliverThat and Vromo Announce Strategic PartnershipCanton, OH  (  DeliverThat, (, and Vromo, (, have teamed up to tackle one of the restaurant industry’s biggest pain points, delivery fulfillment. DeliverThat has agreed to integrate VROMO’s proprietary delivery management software throughout the US and Canada.

“It’s not easy for restaurants to trust a third-party when it comes to delivery execution and brand recognition,” said John Zinno, Chief People Officer and co-founder of DeliverThat. “That’s why we’re so excited to partner with VROMO. Their management software provides the reliability we require and the brand recognition our partners need.”

Ireland based software company, VROMO, and DeliverThat recently entered into a strategic partnership.“As a food focused software company, we are looking constantly for companies that understand that the food sector is quite simply different, and requires specialization. DeliverThat’s focus is on Catering Delivery and Setup, and by focus I mean they strive to be the best in class, exactly the type of partner VROMO looks for” said Alan Hickey, Chief Commercial Officer at Vromo. “

Vromo’s dispatching software will allow DeliverThat to perfect the direct to consumer model, bringing the consistency and quality that brands and customers expect. DeliverThat’s coverage will double across the U.S. and Canada in 2020, with an expansion in Europe.

About DeliverThat

Founded in 2013 by Aaron Hoffman and John Zinno, DeliverThat is an international last-mile delivery service recognized as the industry leader in restaurant catering delivery and setup. DeliverThat’s network of professional drivers ensures each delivery is fulfilled according to each individual restaurants’ standards. Committed to providing an efficient and effective catering delivery service, DeliverThat takes pride in seeking new and innovative ways to enhance the entirety of their delivery processes for drivers, restaurant partners, and end-user customers.

To strengthen their ongoing expansion, DeliverThat is actively partnering with restaurants, as well as highly-motivated drivers looking to supplement their income. Restaurants and delivery partners may apply at As a result of DeliverThat’s continued growth; their driver relations, restaurant relations, and dispatch departments are in turn growing rapidly. Individuals looking to further their career with DeliverThat may apply at

For more information about DeliverThat, please visit Connect with DeliverThat at 

About Vromo

Vromo provide state of the art software to help restaurants run the most efficient delivery operation possible while ensuring their customers enjoy an exceptional brand experience. We are confident that our product is superior to any alternative on the market in terms of features, data and value. There are 4 core elements to our software:

Dispatch – we enable clients to manage a fleet of delivery drivers in a simple and efficient way. Our dispatch solution is fully automated in terms of driver selection, route optimisation and order pooling. The restaurant has full visibility so can see driver ETA, jobs completed, delivery issues etc. The driver app is intuitive and insures all aspects of compliance are in order, if needed. Geo fencing is built in so that the system recognises every stage of the delivery and as such, the delivery process is not affected by driver error.

Data – with 6 time stamps recorded during every delivery, we collect an enormous amount of data that can help with route optimisation, kitchen efficiency, resource planning and all so that the restaurant efficiency can be improved and the time it takes for the food to reach the customer, reduced.

Customer Experience – when the driver leaves the restaurant with the food, the customer will receive an SMS with an option to click a link to track their order. 80% of customers click through and spend on average, 4 minutes watching the map on their screen as the driver approaches.

Engagement – This can be used to facilitate any content such as ‘download the app messaging’, embedded video, coupons, refer a friend feature, share on social media option etc. In effect, this space is extremely targeted and engaging so can be used to support any marketing strategy that seeks to acquire new customers or incentivise existing customers to order more frequently.

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