Digital Signage Brand Pickcel Plans to Help Restaurants Improve Customer Experience One Menu Board At a Time

Digital Signage Brand Pickcel Plans to Help Restaurants Improve Customer Experience One Menu Board At a Time

(RestaurantNews.comPickcel, a leading SaaS brand that specializes in digital signage, has launched a unique digital menu board solution that will be remarkably convenient for both restaurant owners and restaurant-goers, particularly at the time of this global pandemic.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, the brand introduced a whole line of touchless solutions like touchless queue management, digital discount coupons, and kiosk solutions. And now, with their latest addition – a digital menu board app, Pickcel aims to reduce the dependency of restaurant owners on third parties like print menu designers and advertisers.

“Print menus & chalkboards are nice but, you can do so much more with their digital counterparts. Digital menu boards are dynamic, attractive – you can add wonderful images, videos – you can play promotions alongside. It has a completely different appeal,” said Rajesh Bhattacharjee, co-founder of Pickcel. “And if you look at the ROI, it’s incredible.”

With their solution, Pickcel aims to mitigate the biggest pain point of restaurant owners: manually monitoring their menus. The software offers features like menu scheduling & day-parting that the developers believe will play a massive role in simplifying the restaurant backend processes.

“Restaurant menus are ever-changing. Today you have this item to offer; tomorrow, it may be something else. Perhaps, you need to run a ‘Happy hour’ or a ‘Haloween Menu’ the day after. Our solution brings down the time of updating a menu right into the minute frame.” said Basudev Saha, co-founder, Pickcel. “Sometimes, it’s not the entire menu that needs to be changed – it can be just a single dish that perhaps you have run out of stock. For that, we have got tags that can be switched on and off on a need-basis. For example, you can tag an item as ‘Sold out‘ when it’s unavailable. These are simple plug-ins, but they make life easier.”

Maintaining their proclivity of adding a little ‘touchless’ touch to their solutions, Pickcel has introduced a QR code feature in their digital menu board application. The QR will allow restaurant-goers to view the menu on their mobile phones. The developers believe that this will help restaurants improve their customer experience (cx), especially since nowadays contactless solutions have turned into a necessity.

“The restaurant industry is waking up to a whole new era of digital transformation. And now, after the pandemic, there is this general reluctance among the crowd. People are trying to avoid contact, physical interactions. The demand for self-service and touchless solutions has suddenly skyrocketed,” said Rajesh. “In this situation, restaurants that will digitize will definitely find themselves having better chances at staying afloat in the economy.”

Pickcel believes their USP to be the fact that they bring a holistic solution to the table. Since the company’s domain is digital signage, they can offer a whole spectrum of restaurant solutions and not just digital menu boards.

After having established a stable ground in the European and the Western Asian market, Pickcel is now rapidly expanding itself to the North American market. The brand is open for collaborations and they are proficient in custom integrations to produce tailor-made solutions for their clients. For more information & inquiry, call +1 917 7958 262 or email at

Digital Signage Brand Pickcel Plans to Help Restaurants Improve Customer Experience One Menu Board At a TimeAbout Pickcel

Pickcel is in the business of making communication stronger. It specializes in digital signage solutions, both cloud, and on-premise solutions. Currently, the Pickcel digital signage software powers 80K+ screens around the globe. Their services are making an impact on businesses in every major industry vertical such as retail, restaurants & QSRs, hospitality, corporate, transport and education. The company has offices in Bangalore and New York. You can follow Pickcel on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter.