Domino’s guru Tom Monaghan starting gourmet burger delivery business

He founded Domino’s Pizza. He owned the Detroit Tigers. He started Ave Maria University and built a town around it.

What’s next for Thomas Monaghan? At 74, he’s pursuing a new dream, going back to his roots in the delivery business. This time, it will be gourmet hamburgers, not pizza, that he will bring to the doorstep.

He points out that Ray Kroc – the man who built the McDonald’s restaurant empire – was 52 when he jumped into the burger business and that Harland David “Colonel” Sanders – the man behind Kentucky Fried Chicken – didn’t start actively franchising his chicken business until he was 65.

“And my doctor tells me I have the arteries of someone who is 55,” Monaghan said with a boyish grin.

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