DYMA Brands Introduces New Flavor Bomb Innovation

DYMA Brands Introduces New Flavor Bomb Innovation

DYMA Brands Introduces New Flavor Bomb InnovationAtlanta, GA  (RestaurantNews.comDYMA Brands proudly introduces Chef’s Companion® Flavor Bombs™, the latest breakthrough in culinary innovation designed to transform your menu offerings. These new flavor packets seamlessly blend with DYMA’s foodservice dry mixes, enabling chefs and foodservice professionals to explore new flavors and create exciting limited time offers.

Unlock New Dimensions of Flavor

Chef’s Companion® Flavor Bombs™ are crafted to blend effortlessly with a wide range of DYMA’s foodservice dry mixes. Whether you’re enhancing soft serve, puddings, gelatins, mousses, cheesecakes, whipped toppings, or beverages, Flavor Bombs™ add flavor and color to these base products and unlock endless possibilities!  

Five Flavors, Endless Possibilities

Currently available in five flavors and two assorted packs, Chef’s Companion® Flavor Bombs™ provide ample opportunities for culinary innovation. Each flavor packet is designed to make it easy to introduce new menu items or elevate existing favorites. Five distinct flavors: Coconut, Tropical Fruit, Strawberry, Coffee and Caramel.

Key Benefits of Chef’s Companion® Flavor Bombs™:

Menu Expansion: Add excitement to menus with easy customization and limited-time offers (LTOs), making it simple to introduce new and intriguing dishes.

Versatility: Create a wide range of flavors and use across various products and applications, from desserts to beverages and more.

Easy Prep: Simply add 1 or 2 packets to the dry “base” mix prior to preparation, with no additional mixing, prep steps, or clean-up required.

No Additional Labor: Streamline your kitchen operations with no extra steps needed, making it a hassle-free solution for busy foodservice environments.

Easy to Store: Dry mix, shelf-stable packets come in small, convenient cases that are easy to store.

Long Shelf Life: Enjoy the benefits of a long shelf life of 365 days, ensuring freshness and quality over time.

Minimal Impact on Cost and Nutrition: These flavor-packed additions add minimal impact on cost and nutritional values per serving, making them an efficient and cost-effective choice for food service operations looking to enhance their offerings without compromising on budget.

Kosher: Certified kosher to meet diverse dietary needs.

No Gluten-Containing Ingredients: Safe for those with gluten sensitivities or preferences.

Perfect for Menu Expansion and Limited-Time Offers

In today’s competitive foodservice landscape, limited time offers are a key strategy for driving customer engagement and increasing sales. Chef’s Companion® Flavor Bombs™ make it simple to develop and execute these promotions with minimal effort and maximum impact. Or you can simply create a whole line of flavors to menu and rotate throughout the year.

Visit our website at Foodservice Recipe Inspiration – DYMA Brands to learn more about our Flavor Bombs™, explore delicious recipes, and see how they can enhance your foodservice offerings.

About DYMA Brands

Based in Atlanta, GA, DYMA Brands is a leader in liquid portion control and bulk condiments, seasonings and dry blend mixes, and custom printing to the foodservice industry. Their product portfolio includes brands such as Chef’s Companion® and Flavor Fresh™, as well as licensed properties. DYMA Brands is known for consistent quality, service, flexibility and innovation.

Wendy Mansfield
Marketing Manager
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