Eatery Pulse Media Announces New District Restaurants and Real Estate Magazine, EPN College

Eatery Pulse Media Announces New District Restaurants and Real Estate Magazine, EPN College

Chef-Driven Season 2  of Washington D.C.’s Food & Drink Web Broadcast Launches in 2019

Washington, DC  (  Eatery Pulse Media, a fast-growing information services, consulting and content marketing firm, is announcing a new magazine in 2019, focusing on the district’s restaurants and real estate happenings, particularly the people aspect of these transformative businesses, and curating their more exciting facets. District Restaurants and Real Estate Magazine will launch in digital format with a February issue, as Eatery Pulse News DC, coming out in print at the end of January, will merge its digital-edition content with this new digital magazine. At the same time, Eatery Pulse Media is launching EPN College, an onsite and in-person educational program serving the hospitality community, bringing business and financial training to hundreds of culinary and restaurant workers across the Washington, Metro-D.C. region.

“We’re using the Swizzle Chill content platform to power these initiatives and create a library of hundreds of articles related to the restaurant industry and rising real estate in the nation’s capital,” said Rick Zambrano, Eatery Pulse Media editor. “This is a real-world content platform that can drive bolster the lives and livelihood of area restaurant professionals.” The District’s popular Swizzle Chill TV food & drink channel, at, just finalized “Season 1: Foodie Discovery,” and is preparing to start filming “Season 2, A Chef-Driven Experience,” in February.

At the two-year anniversary of Eatery Pulse Media, EPN college will launch in February with in-person classes at restaurants and hospitality venues around Metro-D.C. These classes, which are pegged to be priced near the non-tipped minimum wage are open to any existing restaurant worker, manager or owner. In the past, savvy restaurateurs have partnered with strong business and financial partners to navigate the challenging restaurant environment. Other restaurant entrepreneurs have come from the business world. However, many culinary leaders and rising BOH (back-of-house) restaurant workers have no formal business or financial training, and creating an enterprise with robust information to support the restaurant community was the original idea that spurred Eatery Pulse Media back in early 2017.

“We are excited about 2019, the opportunity to continue to support the food industry with an additional digital publication and our educational platform starting up in February, expanding to online during 2019,” added Zambrano. “EPN will operate low-cost classes in the District for individuals who are already in culinary programs or working within restaurants. Additionally, we will be subsidizing class fees to the tune of $1,500 over the first 12 months, based on projected attendance.”

Starting December 18, for every 15 new free subscription sign-ups to Swizzle Chill Blog and to the upcoming digital magazine, District Restaurants and Real Estate Magazine at, Eatery Pulse will donate a scholarship pass to the college, up to 100 scholarships. The program’s non-accredited, trade-based curriculum will focus on the following:

  • Restaurant Accounting
  • Restaurant Leasing
  • Restaurant Finance
  • Labor Management

Tracks will run sequentially, lasting about 3 months each. Eatery Pulse will be launching a sign up page for EPN College and announcing it in January 2019, with each track possibly accommodating up to 200-215 individuals.

Eatery Pulse Media operates the Eatery Pulse Network, a portfolio of foodservice,food & drink publications and web-broadcast programming serving D.C. and the national restaurant scene. The Eatery Pulse Network publishes and distributes Eatery Pulse News DC (print), Restaurant CSuite Magazine, and its upcoming District Restaurants and Real Estate. The network also operates Swizzle Chill TV, Eatery Pulse Streem and the upcoming EPN College.

About Swizzle Chill TV

Swizzle Chill TV is Washington D.C’s food, drink & lifestyle web broadcast, set to plan and film its chef-driven Season 2 February 2019. By using ultra-premium 4K-UHD production from Studio Team and an inside-restaurant industry perspective, Swizzle Chill TV covers topics that are important to foodies and food & drink professionals across the Metro-D.C. market. Swizzle Chill TV can be accessed at

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