Genghis Grill Offers New Dr Pepper BBQ Chicken Option for Limited Time

Genghis Grill Offers New Dr Pepper BBQ Chicken Option for Limited TimeThe Mongolian Stir Fry has announced a new protein option that has been added onto their food bar, Khan’s Kitchen. Now through November 6, guests can build their own bowl with a new protein option, Dr Pepper BBQ Chicken. The new item features all natural white meat chicken, with touches of soy sauce and pineapple juice, flavored with Cajun and garlic seasonings, marinated with Genghis Grill’s signature Mongo BBQ sauce, all blended with the “authentic blend of 23 rich flavors” of Dr Pepper.

Jax Sperling, Director of Culinary R&D, and Ron Parikh, Chief Marketing Officer, at Genghis Grill discuss the importance of keeping the Genghis Grill brand fresh. By bringing in new options and offering them to Genghis Grill fans, this increases the overall value and dining experience. Genghis Grill plans to offer more new, innovative menu options in the near future.

“We are excited to offer these limited-time-offer additions to our already large selection in Khan’s Kitchen (food bar),” said Sperling. “If you want to keep a brand fresh, you have offer your customers excitement and something to look forward to every time they come into your restaurant.”

As Genghis Grill is offering a new protein option in their food bar, promoting the new LTO through social media is a must. Genghis Grill has teamed up with Dr Pepper to promote the new item through the Academy Country Music Awards show sweepstakes via Facebook. At the same time, Genghis Grill will tell their fans to send in their best Dr Pepper® BBQ Chicken recipes and Genghis Grill will post the 23 best recipes for 23 days.

“Be on the look out on our Facebook page for these promotions,” Ron Parikh, Chief Marketing Officer of Genghis Grill, said, “we want to promote any new item through all advertising outlets.”

Genghis Grill – The Mongolian Stir Fry, is well-known for its fresh, hot and healthy food, and for its style of fun service. It offers a heart healthy dining option along with an array of recipes to choose from KHAN’S KITCHEN where one can “build your own bowl” from over 70 fresh, healthy ingredients. Expansion has been a company focus for years and you can now find Genghis Grill in 18 states. The aggressively expanding 76 unit chain operates locations through franchised and corporate restaurants throughout the Southeast, Midwest and Southwest. The concept has plans to reach 100 restaurants by January 2011.