Kids Eat Free: How The Traveling Parent Can Help Boost Your Business

Kids Eat Free: How The Traveling Parent Can Help Boost Your Business

(  In today’s economy, dining out is something most families can’t afford to do on a regular basis. But for busy families with a tight schedule, eating out might be the only option. However, finding restaurants that cater to small children can be a challenge.

Studies show that families who eat together are healthier and happier in the long run. When families need to eat on-the-go, they shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality meal time.

The Traveling Parent is bridging the gap between restaurants and families nationwide. Not only is it our goal to help families dine together in healthy and happy environments, but if you run a restaurant and are looking to boost your business, The Traveling Parent can help.

Offering Kids Eat Free Deals

Reduced price or free kids meals help families spend time together and save money. While complimentary promotions geared towards children can help restaurants cater to a wider audience.

Owners should consider how these promotions will affect the atmosphere in their restaurants. Families dining out should feel comfortable and welcomed. If they don’t, it’s likely they won’t return.

Some restaurants have peak business hours on certain days of the week. These are when restaurants are at high volume. Seating for a family may be difficult to arrange during these periods. This is why most restaurants offer kids meal promotions on slower days.

How Restaurants Can Appeal to Families

A kids menu can’t be all french fries, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese. Restaurants looking to promote kids meal deals should include healthy and unique options. Menus should also offer healthy beverages like milk and fresh juice instead of soda.

Parents should also get a quality meal out of the deal. In most restaurants, one purchased adult meal will guarantee one kids meal. Because parents will be saving money, they’ll be more willing to order expensive items. Restaurants can feature specials on their menu on promotional days.

To create better experiences for families, it helps to offer activities for kids. Coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and mazes are classic restaurant entertainment options for kids. Restaurants can also promote family nights that feature live music or entertainment.

The Traveling Parent Can Boost Your Business

Once a restaurant decides on a kids promotion, they have to market it to local families in the area.

The Traveling Parent serves as a direct marketing platform for restaurants. Our restaurant guides not only help families narrow down their options but also expose restaurants to local families who follow The Traveling Parent.

The Traveling Parent’s quest for kid-friendly restaurants began in Georgia. After locating over 200 kids eat free deals in Atlanta, we expanded our search nationwide.

In 2018 alone, The Traveling Parent has created kids eat free guides for over 30 U.S cities. The cities we’ve covered include San Antonio, Orlando, Charlotte, and Scottsdale. We also have followers on Facebook who check for new places to eat with their families.

We research chain restaurants that have followings nationwide. But we’re also interested in learning about independent restaurants that cater to families. If you want to boost your business with free kids meals, contact The Traveling Parent today!