Layne’s Chicken Fingers Welcomes New Senior Director of Operations and Director of Marketing To Support Explosive Growth

Layne's Chicken Fingers Welcomes New Senior Director of Operations and Director of Marketing To Support Explosive Growth

The chicken finger franchise is committed to proactively building the support infrastructure its system will need for rapid growth. Alex Camp and Ashley Reynolds are the newest additions supporting this mission.

Layne's Chicken Fingers Welcomes New Senior Director of Operations and Director of Marketing To Support Explosive Growth(  With 16 restaurants open and another 212 awarded, including 91 in the first quarter alone, Soon to be Famous™ chicken finger franchise Layne’s Chicken Fingers is building an incredible team to support its rapidly growing system. In addition to moving into its new office, which will accommodate more team members and provide them with the space they need as the brand scales, Layne’s has welcomed several new experts to the family to bolster its franchisee support.

“We have more corporate employees than we have stores; there are not a lot of brands our size that can say that,” said CEO Garrett Reed. “We are designed right now to support 40 units. We’ve spent the last two years building that team, so unlike other young franchise groups, we don’t have to catch up to the growth of our franchisees — we’re ahead of pace.”

Shaq Jones, director of training, and Justin Olivieri, director of construction, have worked closely with both the leadership team at the corporate office and local franchisees to support owners through the development and opening processes.

To support ongoing expansion, the team also recently welcomed Alex Camp as senior director of operations and Ashley Reynolds as director of marketing.

Camp, who has been in the restaurant industry since his teens, brings decades of experience in restaurants and franchising. Though he spent time with large brands during his career, it was the charm of the growing Layne’s system that encouraged him to make the leap.

“As I started to dive more into what Layne’s is and get to know the leadership team, it was really just the passion that I saw,” Camp said. “From its roots in College Station 30 years ago, all the way to the team members, executive leadership and guests of today … Every bit of feedback from anybody that I talked to showed that they loved Layne’s. That excitement and passion is contagious, and I fell in love with the concept at that point.”

As Layne’s grows, Camp will work to ensure that all operational decisions the brand makes are in the best interest of both the franchisees and the brand as a whole.

Reynolds’ ongoing support will enable Layne’s to bridge the gap between the developments it takes on internally and the guests that will be impacted by them. Reynolds has a similar background in hospitality, noting that, after she started waiting tables at 18, she “fell in love with the industry and never left.” Now, she is excited to be the “voice of the customer” at the home office, bringing another perspective to the team and conceptualizing marketing efforts with the guest experience in mind.

“We have the voice of the franchisees and operators represented at our home office, and now, we have the voice of the customer in the room,” said Chief Operating Officer Samir Wattar. “Ashley and Alex both understand where we are and where we want to go, and they’re committed to being a part of our growth without changing the culture or essence of Layne’s Chicken Fingers. We’re excited to have them.”

With plans to continue expanding nationwide as they work toward 50 units open by the end of 2025, the entire Layne’s team is excited about the growth it is experiencing at the home office and leading in local markets across the country.

“I can’t contain myself when I talk to people about it,” Jones said. “I love this brand because they’re selective about who they bring into this family because we want them to truly represent the brand. We want Layne’s to be a household name, and we’re going to make it happen with great customer service and great food. Just stay tuned.”

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Lauren Turner