Operators Earn Covid-19 Workplace Certification to Reassure Customers

Operators Earn Covid-19 Workplace Certification to Reassure Customers

Restaurants demonstrate their commitment to safety by training employees and displaying ‘Infectious Disease Education Certification’ digital seal

Operators Earn Covid-19 Workplace Certification to Reassure CustomersRaleigh, NC  (RestaurantNews.comFoodservice Training Portal, a leading provider of online learning tools for the foodservice and hospitality industries, recognizes that now more than ever, restaurants must show they are taking extra precautions to keep customers and staff safe. As a companion to Healthy Habits eStart™, the firm’s infectious disease awareness training, Foodservice Training Portal is now providing a COVID-19 Workplace™ Certification digital seal to display on a foodservice operator’s web site and/or social media platforms.

After an operation successfully educates its employees with Healthy Habits eStart™, they can request their COVID-19 Workplace™ Certification digital seal. Upon review of the account, Foodservice Training Portal will send the location-customized seal stating the business is ‘Infectious Disease Education Certified’ to display publicly to its community and patrons. Seals will be issued annually based on continued participation in employee education.

Adopted by thousands of operators since its March release, Healthy Habits eStart™ is designed to present the most current information that is pertinent to the foodservice operator, using CDC and NIH recommendations & protocols. Since this information has been changing, the course is updated regularly to reflect the most current appropriate guidance. The course provides staff with critical information to respond to and prevent the spread of viral illness- the common cold, flu and COVID-19/Coronavirus. Healthy Habits eStart™ distills the facts, provides direction on transmission and outlines foodservice-specific prevention strategies regarding infectious disease.

“Keeping yourself and your clients safe should be a top priority every day in a foodservice operation,” stated Eric Webster, Managing Director of Foodservice Training Portal, “but considering current conditions and the importance of setting a standard upon re-opening, every restaurant is going to demonstrate a high level of care to earn a customer’s dollars. Consumers will want to feel safe and reassured about where they have chosen to dine. An operator can establish that trust by displaying their COVID-19 Workplace Certification™.   Presenting this seal allows for customers to easily view evidence of COVID-19 employee training efforts and know that the restaurant takes their safety seriously.”

For more information or to request a demo of Healthy Habits eStart™, visit: https://foodservicetrainingportal.com/healthyhabits

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