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(  Restaurant trends for the most part never die. They come and go in waves. Old world charm from the industrial area has recently made a comeback. Industrial design’s aesthetic has gained popularity among commercial architects and interior designers, many of whom enthusiastically assumed this task in their projects. Although the rawness of the inspiration behind the trend lends a type of bare sophistication, the edginess of the warehouse look incorporated in a restaurant design is a welcomed quality among many restaurant, café, coffee house and bar owners. Taking careful consideration to deliver customer satisfaction, recently has facilitated in their customers’ design projects in creating an industrial look for their décor with their line of industrial style restaurant furniture. 

Characteristics of an Industrial interior Design

A good interior restaurant design can do as much for the restaurant’s business as service and food can. Hence, your restaurant interior design, including restaurant furniture should reflect your brand and service. Industrial design is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of subgroups. For instance, the term embraces areas in plant design, automobile design, product design, and now interior design. Industrial design is generally a mixture of the application of creative skills and scientific knowledge used to develop unique design concepts. One of the many factors that influence the characteristics of a modern industrial interior design is the technology and its applicability to the design of the product.

Industrial interior design essentially combines the industrial feel with a variety of other styles that range from earthy to polish. It entails creating a raw unfinished look to the most thoughtfully designed establishments. It’s about using resources that put emphasis on functionality and style. Used in commercial spaces around the world, modern industrial design generally showcases neutral tones, utilitarian items, and metal/wood surfaces. Many interior designers who service fine dining establishments are using industrial features such as stainless steel surfaces, wood flooring, metal light fixtures, and matching restaurant chairs.

Creating a Restaurant Industrial Design

As it is with most design projects, creating an impressionable restaurant design comes with many challenges. There is a litany of factors to manage. What will your restaurant’s interior look like? How will you make the interior as decorative and beautiful as possible without interfering with the staffs’ workflow? Does your layout and design meet safety regulations? When you think how much time and effort goes into a restaurant’s industrial design, you’ll gain an appreciation for this concept. Defined by a raw, unfinished, and a factory-like sensibility, an industrial interior design is composed of utilitarian materials such as wood, metal, and cement in a way that proves that form and function can be one and the same.

Converting old buildings into restaurants is not unusual. Many novice restaurateurs looking for a retro-modern inspiration for their interior design have purchased industrial sites and transformed them into dining spots as doing so can easily be achieved on a budget. Old discarded materials found in those sites can be repurposed for industrial restaurant decorations. For instance, old and worn-out sinks, vaults, and carts can be redesigned into a table. Slabs of wood and metal can be pieced together to build chairs, tables, or bar stools.

Brick walls with steel surfaces and furniture parts are essential for crafting a modern industrial design. Warmth and natural feel of wood creates a wonderful contrast and adds to the industrial décor by softening the roughness of metal and brick. Industrial decor tends to be more neutral so you can add more color with vintage posters, plants, flowers, and proper lighting. You can choose wooden or cork flooring to elevate your decor. Stone flooring will give a heavier industrial vibe. However you choose to express your own penchant for the industrial, below are several inspiring examples:

Ignite Brewing Co.

If the industrial restaurant interior design has been popularized by anyone, it’s certainly has been by bars, taprooms, and brewing companies such as Ignite Brewing. Bar décor themes range from classic to modern but a little bit of both creates an inspirational interior industrial rustic warm design which many bars have claimed as their own. Wood-metal restaurant furniture and lighting will give a bar design a vintage style with a contemporary feel.  Situated in Coventry Township Ohio, Ignite Brewing isn’t just a perfect location to socialize with friends over crafted beer but also a place to relax with their antique interior with industrial style metal restaurant chairs, matching bar stools and a set of Industrial Series tables they’ve ordered from Presents a New Line of Industrial Seating
Ignite Brewing Co.

Nibblesworth Wood Fire Grill

Located in Portsmouth’s historic North End where a prominent Italian neighborhood once stood, Nibblesworth is comprised of 12 buildings that were salvaged during the Vaughan Street Urban Renewal Project back in 1968 through 1970. Only four buildings now remain on their original foundation, one of which was converted into a restaurant. Portsmouth is a vibrant community with an innovative food scene making it a perfect location for a restaurant. Believing that the industrial aesthetic would reflect the warm and rustic atmosphere at Nibblesworth, the managers furnished the dining room with several sets of Industrial Series Tables paired with industrial style metal chairs. Presents a New Line of Industrial Seating
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