Restaurant News Bites: Moe’s, White Castle, Chuck E. Cheese

Restaurant News Bites: Moe's, White Castle, Chuck E. CheeseNew research conducted by Technomic shows that the burger sensation is on the rise again. In 2009 just 38 percent of consumers reported eating a burger at least once a week. Now just three years later that number has risen to 50 percent. As value menus offer cheap eats and new casual dining chains open that serve high-end burgers the classic American food grows in popularity again.

Wings Across America, a Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee, has secured new credit from GE Capital’s Franchise Finance program. Wings Across America operates 18 locations in the New England and Mid-Western United States. The new credit agreement includes over $4,000,000 for new developments and nearly $10,000,000 for refinancing.

July 20th will mark the second annual celebration of Free Queso Day at Moe’s Southwest Grill. Each guest between the hours of 11 am and 9 pm will receive a free 6 oz serving of queso dip with complimentary tortilla chips. No other purchase is necessary. Guests can also enter the Dance Your Queso Off contest for a chance at winning $10,000.

White Castle is adding an exciting family game to their classic Crave Case. The National Finger Football League has teamed up with the iconic hamburger chain to develop packaging that includes two pop-out finger footballs and a finger football field right on the box. Every family that picks up a case of 30 hot sliders will have a game to play when they are done eating.

Wienerschnitzel is now the world’s largest hot dog chain and they are planning a massive celebration for their 50th anniversary. All 350 locations will participate in the event which takes place on July 17th. The chain has already been celebrating 50 years since January with meal specials and discounts, but on the 17th all classic menu items will be available for just .61 cents.

Chuck E. Cheese’s has been a family attraction since it first opened over 30 years ago, and the pizza served at all locations has been the staple of many Friday nights and birthday parties. The pizza is about to undergo a big change that will improve the quality and taste. All dough used will be freshly made, and all toppings will be cut or grated on site.

Bojangles’ is setting up a new scholarship foundation in honor of the chain’s co-founder Jack Fulk. Team members and family of employees will be able to apply for part of the $10,000 given away annually for higher education. Jack Fulk turned down college scholarships to support his family but became a successful businessman when he founded Bojangles in 1977.

Sombrero Mexican Food has served top quality quick service food to the San Diego community for over 25 years. The restaurant is currently developing a new franchise system that will allow independent business owners around the country to open their own Sombrero locations. A number of plans and footprints are available to fit a variety of retail locations.