Restaurant News Bites: Mrs. Winner’s, Dickey’s, Hooters

Restaurant News Bites: Mrs. Winner's, Dickey's, HootersAtlanta based fried chicken chain Mrs. Winner’s is to be auctioned off. The parent company of the chain, Famous Recipe Company Operations, filed for bankruptcy in late 2010. Opening bids can be placed until June 3rd, and then competitive bets will be accepted until June 23rd. The winner of the auction will own all intellectual and franchising rights to the brand.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is America’s largest pit style barbecue chain, and it celebrated its 70th anniversary this year. The chain is famous for their slow cooked pulled pork and smoked pork brisket. Other restaurant staples include generously sized yellow cups and free ice cream. Dickey’s currently has 143 locations and is rapidly expanding.

Hooters of America has settled a lawsuit pressed against the chain regarding the recent buyout of the company. A dispute over the estate of the former Chief Executive Officer Robert Brooks held up the sale of the chain from his family to the Chanticleer Investors and Wellspring Capital Management firms. The 455 locations and the brand rights will now transfer to the new firms.

IHOP has launched a new line of inspired breakfast items for cooking at home. The IHOP At Home product line includes a number of frozen filled pocket snacks in flavors like Stuffed French Toast, Omelet Crispers and Griddle n’ Sausage Wraps. 84 percent of breakfasts are eaten in the home, so IHOP is expanding their famous breakfast foods to the home dinner table.

Restaurants across the country are beginning to round out the totals on diners’ bills to help cut back on unnecessary change. Some restaurants round down to the nearest nickel, but a few have admitted to rounding up the the nearest dollar with customer approval. While this may seem reasonable, in many states it goes against consumer protection laws.

As consumers become able to pay higher dining bills due to a slowly growing economy, restaurants are raising their prices once again. Higher costs for food and shipping fees cut into any restaurant’s bottom line. Many other companies in other industries such as clothing and air travel have also made similar increases in price.

Red Robin is spreading into Illinois on May 23rd when they open their first location in Gurnee. The chain is known for gourmet style burgers and a variety of freshly made sides. For the location’s grand opening Red Robin will give away free Child ID Kits from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to demonstrate their concern for the community.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is reinventing old favorites and adding new creations to their menu. Their new shrimp cocktail includes jumbo shrimp served over ice and a cocktail sauce mixed tableside. The redesigned Steakhouse Cobb Salad and Bedford Scallops use the freshest seafood and produce ingredients.

The popular lobster based sandwiches are returning to the D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches chain. Summer time menu additions include a traditional lobster sandwich, a Lobster Club and the classic lobster roll. Unlike other chains, D’Angelo’s uses only real lobster and a light mayonnaise dressing on all of their lobster sandwiches.

Columbia, South Carolina is getting its first Krispy Kreme Donuts Neighborhood location today. The grand opening of the new location includes awards of free donuts, t-shirts and even a year of donuts for the first customers. The Columbia store will also offer the Kool Kreme soft serve menu including a variety of soft serve ice cream flavors and milkshakes.