Restaurant Revolution Technologies’ Virtual Call Center Blazing New Trails in Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Revolution Technologies' Virtual Call Center Blazing New Trails in Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Revolution Technologies' Virtual Call Center Blazing New Trails in Restaurant Industry

The San Diego-based technology and services company changes traditional call center perceptions and substantiates place in the restaurant technology and services industries.

San Diego, CA  (  Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT), a leading provider of order management, call center and technology solutions for restaurant operators helping them to manage and optimize their off-premises takeout orders, has completely moved its call center services to a virtual model – blazing new trails and frontiers within the restaurant industry.

Unlike traditional call centers that operate in “brick and mortar” buildings with enormous fixed costs and limited recruiting and scheduling flexibility, the virtual call center services offered by RRT allows for a more cost-effective and flexible model by utilizing highly screened and trained independent agents that are operating during the hours set by the call volumes of the restaurant client. The virtual call center model also provides an exceptional customer experience and empowers local restaurant management to focus on their core business – dine-in guests and the in-house customer experience. The move to an “all virtual” call center model began in early 2016 as RRT gradually transitioned existing clients from the more traditional call center format over the course of the year while also adding newly partnered restaurant clients to the new virtual model.

Because of the move, RRT is able to recruit and hire virtual agents with experience in the Hospitality and Customer Service fields who are accustomed to handling the unique demands restaurants face with their customers. As such, RRT has progressively moved away from hiring people with traditional call center backgrounds to hire people who clearly understand that their roles are not as “order takers” but as brand representative servers that enter into “conversations” with customers to build relationships on behalf of the restaurants.

“A virtual call center model allows RRT to be nimble and agile to our clients’ daily ebbs and flows of their takeout business, while greatly improving the overall service levels provided,” said David Schofield, CEO at RRT. “Our call center hallmarks versus our competitors has always been to consistently remain sensitive to the quality of service we provide as well as remain a cost effective partner that infuses business rather than sapping it away from our partners. We are ‘Uber-izing’ the perception people have, specifically our restaurant clients, on what call centers are and what they do by going virtual.”

Additionally, the move to a virtual call center model also coincides with RRT’s new “Beyond Takeout” strategy and positioning unveiled earlier in the year. The core values of the new “Beyond Takeout” strategy:

  • Reinforces RRT’s ceaseless devotion to client service that delivers an enhanced guest experience for off-premise takeout guests.
  • Underscores RRT’s commitment to innovation by delivering superior ‘hi tech and hi touch’ solutions designed to increase revenue for restaurants that are revolutionary to the industry.
  • Supports RRT’s strategic positioning within the industry of handling 100% of off-premise opportunities for its clients, going well “beyond” just focusing on online and mobile ordering.
  • Provides 6 unique service lines, which include call center support, online ordering, mobile ordering, handling larger catering orders, outbound business development services and offering a customized loyalty platform.
  • Uses the most advanced technology within the industry with its patented Order Management software and fully integrated solutions to greatly improve the customer experience while providing a strong ROI to its RRT’s clients.
  • Binds RRT’s current solutions and services within the same marketing umbrella offered both ala carte or as a fully integrated suite.

“Our virtual call center model reinforces our ‘Beyond Takeout’ strategic plan of action by clinging to innovation and remaining headstrong with quality of service,” said David Schofield, CEO of RRT. “We’ve continued to advocate both internally and externally that ‘Beyond Takeout’ is essentially the centerpiece of what we do as a company on a daily basis for each client and with every project we undertake – including our virtual call center. We continue to push the innovative curve to not remain complacent in what we do or how we are perceived to provide substantial value to our client partners.”

About Restaurant Revolution Technologies

Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT) provides popular restaurant chains nationwide easy-to-implement phone, online and mobile takeout, order management, customer loyalty and catering solutions that enable restaurant operators to offer their takeout customers a consistently professional and delightful ordering experience where the customer rarely waits on hold, speaks to a friendly and knowledgeable menu-certified virtual waiter, and can be confident that the order is accurate. It’s what we refer to as going “Beyond Takeout.” The turnkey, patented takeout order management software system provides a positive ROI by reducing operational costs, while increasing the number of orders and improving profits by leveraging the feature rich call center, online and mobile ordering platforms all integrated with top POS systems that service a majority of restaurant’s nationally. Visit us online at: