Rock N Roll Sushi Adds Star Power to Bar Menu with Branded Sake

Rock N Roll Sushi Adds Star Power to Bar Menu with Branded Sake

Original American-style sushi restaurant partners with Origami Sake for first national U.S.-based sushi chain sake initiative

Rock N Roll Sushi Adds Star Power to Bar Menu with Branded SakeLittle Rock, AR  (  Ready to sake? Rock N Roll Sushi has launched its very own branded sake in selected markets.

Sake is the national beverage of Japan and is becoming hugely popular in the United States. Rock N Roll Sushi is already changing how Americans experience sushi – and now its collaboration with Arkansas-based Origami Sake aims to change the way fans enjoy sake with their sushi.

Origami Sake uses 100% Arkansas-grown rice in each of these distinctive beverages:

Amplified Junmai Sake is a versatile food-pairing sake that has a fruit-forward style. It features notes of ripe cantaloupe, honeydew and pear with a subtle umami backbone. With a slightly higher acidity, its finish is crisp and refreshing.

Rock N Roll Sushi Adds Star Power to Bar Menu with Branded Sake
Amplified Junmai Sake

Electrified Nigori Sake is silky-smooth, with a profile that adapts to the flavors, feelings and temperatures of every season. It serves as the perfect summer staple with a balanced sweetness and vibrant hints of citrus and pineapple when chilled, as well as a comforting winter companion with soothing notes of coconut, sweet potato and apple when warmed.

Rock N Roll Sushi Adds Star Power to Bar Menu with Branded Sake
Electrified Nigori Sake

“We’re psyched to introduce this ‘power duo’ of drinks – Amplified Sake and Electrified Sake – to to offer sweet music in a bottle,” said Chris Kramolis, Rock N Roll Sushi CEO. “Our partnership with Origami Sake will provide a totally enhanced dining experience for our guests, and the Little Rock area gets to have that experience first.” 

Each of these sake drinks will be available at Rock N Roll Sushi’s Little Rock locations on Main Street and on Chenal Parkway, along with restaurants in Benton and Conway. It will also be on the menu at the new North Little Rock restaurant when it opens later in December.

Origami Sake was honored this year to receive the Sake Brewers Association of North America’s highest recognition for domestically crafted sake in North America with the Platinum People’s Choice Award. Plus it was awarded this year two Bronze Medals in the 15th Cathay Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition.

With more than 60 locations in 10 states, Rock N Roll Sushi is proud to bring this unique brand innovation to the industry. These new drinks are part of the first branded sake test initiative for a national U.S.-based sushi chain restaurant. Alcohol contributes 20% to total sales in sushi restaurants in the U.S. – and sake is the most popular choice.

Rock N Roll Sushi is the only place guests can experience the rock they love and the rolls they love with the ones they love. With headliners like the Electric Roll, Thriller Roll and the Punk Rock Roll, Rock N Roll Sushi lets its big, bold and loud flavors shine. At Rock N Roll Sushi, fans can expect creative twists on sushi rolls and hibachi dishes made fresh for everyone.

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About Rock N Roll Sushi

Founded in 2010 by husband-and-wife duo Lance and Gerri Mach Hallmark in Mobile, Alabama, Rock N Roll Sushi is the original American-style sushi restaurant founded on great food, true love and rock n’ roll music. It’s the only theme-restaurant in the world where local and loyal fans can experience the rock they love and the rolls they love with the ones they love. The menu is broken down by Opening Acts, Classics, Green Room, Headliners (with Raw Tracks), Back Stage Hibachi, Kids Rock and After Party, with Rock N Roll Sushi’s greatest hits – like Crispy Wontons, Punk Rock Roll, VIP Roll and Hibachi – stealing the show. From humble beginnings in a modest 1000-square-foot space tucked inside the Mobile Mall, Rock N Roll Sushi has rapidly expanded to encompass more than 60 locations across the Southeastern U.S. in just a decade. For more information about Rock N Roll Sushi, visit or follow the brand on Facebook or Instagram.

About Origami Sake

Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Origami Sake is nestled amidst the Ouachita Mountains, sourcing its famous mineral water. The brewery is located within miles of our growers in the heartland of U.S. rice country. Using 100% Arkansas-grown rice varieties selected for quality and character, every bottle of Origami Sake reflects their commitment to sustainability from farm to bottle.

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