Tiare Technology Launches Wireless WineList™ System at Award-Winning Centro and Django Restaurants

Orchestrate Hospitality Introduces Tiare Technology Innovation for Wireless Ordering on iPad Tablets to Showcase their Italian- and French-focused Wine Lists

Tiare Technology Launches Wireless WineList System at Award-Winning Centro and Django RestaurantsCHERRY HILL, New Jersey  (RestaurantNews.com)  Tiare Technology announced today that it has deployed its patented Wireless WineList™ solution at two leading, wine-oriented restaurants managed by Orchestrate Hospitality.  Centro and Django restaurants in Des Moines, Iowa, will now offer their guests the Tiare iPad menu ordering solution for wine and cocktails.

The Wireless WineList application allows restaurant guests to easily view and order wines using a wireless Apple iPad tablet or other wireless device and Tiare’s proprietary software.  Guests can use the tablets to browse the wine list to discover the breadth of wines offered.  They can also quickly sort the wines to display by region, varietal, price range or other categories, or click to search the database and pinpoint a specific selection.

Tiare Technology Launches Wireless WineList System at Award-Winning Centro and Django RestaurantsThe system displays extensive information about the restaurant’s wines, including tasting notes, vintage information, and background on the winery, the region or grape varietals.  Photos, wine labels, maps, videos and other information are also easily displayed.

“We selected Tiare’s Wireless WineList system because it allows our guests to effortlessly navigate the wine list.  The system engages the guest and provides a unique and accessible way to experience our wine collections,” says Paul Rottenberg, President of Orchestrate Hospitality.

Tiare’s Wireless WineList system is designed to meet the needs of both the wine expert and the wine novice.  It offers powerful tools to allow oenophiles to easily sort, analyze and locate a particular selection, view a vertical collection or explore regional specialties.  Casual users can learn about the restaurant’s extensive offerings at their leisure, without the worry of intimidation.

The system is intended to complement, rather than replace, the personal attention of the sommelier or server.  Guests can place several selections onto the system’s Consideration List™ for discussion with the restaurant’s staff.  The system can also be configured to page the staff with the guest’s selection, or even place the order directly to the restaurant’s point of sale system.

Centro and Django are two iconic restaurants in downtown Des Moines, each with a distinctive brand and character.  Centro is a lively, casually-upscale restaurant featuring Italian inspired dishes including coal-fired brick oven pizzas, wood-grilled specialties and house-made pastas.  Django is a casual, brasserie-style restaurant offering everything you love about French food – without the attitude.

Tiare Technology Launches Wireless WineList System at Award-Winning Centro and Django Restaurants“Tiare’s design and content management tools have made it easy for us to showcase our Italian and French wine selections and convey the unique style and personality of our two restaurants through the technology,” says Rottenberg.  “The system’s menus at Centro are designed to convey the sleek, sophisticated feeling of a modern Italian restaurant, while the screens on the Django iPads show the casual warmth of a neighborhood French bistro.”

“Our guests have really embraced the system, appreciating how easy it is to use and how quickly they can find the wine they are looking for,” reports Rod DeAngelo, General Manager of Centro.  “The system gives a lot of information to our guests, including food pairing recommendations which help guide their wine selection and enhance their overall dining experience.”

“The Wireless WineList system encourages our customers to interact with the staff, and that allows us to offer a more personalized service experience,” says Don Tamillo, General Manager of Django.  “The detailed wine descriptions provide an inspiration for discussion not only among fellow diners but also with our staff to determine a final wine choice.”

Paul Rottenberg is already seeing the financial and operational benefits from the system.  “The Tiare Wireless WineList system is generating an increase in sales, as the customers are being exposed to wines they might not have noticed before on a traditional wine list.”  Rottenberg goes on to say, “Not having to reprint the wine lists constantly brings not only a financial advantage, but also real benefits for the environment.”

The restaurants’ wine selections are easily displayed to the guest on the wireless touch screens.  Not just for featuring wine, the Tiare Technology system also provides access to the restaurant’s extensive selection of specialty and classic cocktails, domestic and international beer, single-malt Scotch and other liquors, port and dessert wine.

“The Wireless WineList system gives a restaurant the tools to easily manage their wine offerings,” says Julie Werbitt, CEO of Tiare Technology.  “Pricing, vintage and availability information can all be updated immediately, in real time.  A guest is never disappointed by ordering a wine that’s out of stock – which can happen all too often with a paper menu.”

The system also allows the restaurant to enhance its relationship with the guests, by providing the option to email themselves their wine selections as a memento of their experience at the restaurant.  The wine preferences of the guest can also be stored for future offerings and communication between the guest and the restaurant.

Werbitt adds, “Tiare’s Wireless WineList system can be tailored for any size restaurant and customized to complement any décor – making it the ideal solution for all restaurants looking to increase revenue through beverage sales.”

About Tiare Technology

Tiare TechnologyTiare Technology develops and markets to the global hospitality and leisure industry wireless communication products and software services, using patented technology, that increase revenue, generate labor savings and enhance customer service. The company offers solutions that allow guests at hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise ships, stadiums and other leisure locations to order food, beverages, merchandise and services using wireless devices featuring proprietary software and wireless technology.  Tiare products include the intelliChaise®, VIPSeat™ Restaurant, VIPSeat™ Gaming, VIPSeat™ Stadium, Wireless WineList™ and Tiare GuestBook™ ordering systems.  The solutions offer interfaces to major point of sale systems including Agilysys, HSI and MICROS.  Tiare products seek to eliminate, where possible, the use of paper – promoting an eco-friendly platform to provide guests with information and services.  The product platform has been granted U.S. and international patent protection (U.S. Patent 7,945,477).  Founded in 2002, Tiare Technology is a privately held corporation based in New Jersey.  For more information, visit www.tiaretech.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Orchestrate Hospitality

Orchestrate Hospitality is Central Iowa’s leading hospitality management and development company.  Orchestrate’s client roster includes a number of prominent restaurants, hotels and a gourmet market. The company specializes in complete concept development and full-service management of daily operations. Orchestrate was founded in 2001 by Paul Rottenberg.

Centro is a casually-upscale restaurant featuring Italian inspired dishes including coal-fired brick oven pizzas, wood-grilled specialties and house-made pastas. The lively vibe of this urban eatery and its expansive menu has made Centro an iconic hot spot in downtown Des Moines.

Django is a casual, brasserie-style restaurant offering everything you love about French food – without the attitude. The restaurant features classic dishes such as Steak Frites and Duck Cassoulet, as well as fresh salads and juicy burgers made with house-ground beef. At the heart of the restaurant is an interactive chef station offering cheese, charcuterie and jet-fresh seafood from a beautiful raw bar.

For more information, visit www.ohospitality.com, www.centrodesmoines.com and www.djangodesmoines.com.