Waffle House Restaurants Launch iPhone and Android Apps

Waffle House Restaurants Launch iPhone and Android Apps
Waffle House Restaurants Launch iPhone and Android Apps

Looking for a Waffle House restaurant?  With over 1,600 Waffle House restaurants scattered across America, the all-new Waffle House iPhone and Android locator applications will direct you to the closest restaurant and keep you connected with the Waffle Nation.

“The apps are really an extension of the most popular page on our website, the restaurant locator,” says Katherine Wrobleski, Waffle House Social Media Specialist. “Our regulars are the best, and they already know what they like to eat.  We just need to help them get to their favorite restaurant!”

Both applications have similar user interfaces and include links to the Waffle House Facebook page, Twitter page, recently-launched mobile website and a sign-up for the popular Waffle House Regulars Club. Regulars who sign up for the club receive monthly coupons and Waffle House updates via e-mail.

The iPhone application officially launched in the iTunes store this June and currently boasts a four-star rating.

“After the iPhone app launch, we saw there was a demand for an Android app, and we never want to disappoint our regulars, so we got to work on developing a similar app for the Android community,” says Wrobleski.

The Android application officially launched in the Android Market on October 10, 2011.

Both applications are free and are updated regularly to reflect new locations.

“We’re thrilled to offer these free applications for our regulars, and we plan to enhance the applications with each update. It can only get better from here!” says Wrobleski.

The iPhone and Android applications were developed in partnership with California-based location marketing firm, Where 2 Get It, Inc.