Waffle House smothers customers with security surcharge at Underground location

The Underground Atlanta Waffle House opened with great fanfare in 2009, bringing one of the city’s favorite restaurants to the heart of downtown Atlanta.

It’s now believed to be the first and only Waffle House in the country to charge customers a 20 percent surcharge on all checks. The extra money is being used to pay for an off-duty police officer to help secure the 24-hour facility, which serves up its fare in one of Atlanta’s high-crime areas.

Pat Warner, a spokesman for the Atlanta-based chain, confirmed that the charge was established in mid-December to help address security needs and offset those costs. He said there was not one incident that prompted the move.

“It is mainly for crowd control,” Warner said. “That area has a lot of traffic and there is not a lot open around there late at night, so we felt it was needed.”

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