WUJU Foods Founder Bottles Parents’ Restaurant Legacy into a Flavorful Line of Sauces, Snacks, Marinades, and More.

WUJU Foods Founder Bottles Parents' Restaurant Legacy into a Flavorful Line of Sauces, Snacks, Marinades, and More.

WUJU Foods Founder Bottles Parents' Restaurant Legacy into a Flavorful Line of Sauces, Snacks, Marinades, and More.(RestaurantNews.com)  For WUJU Foods founder Larry Wu, his company isn’t just business. It’s personal. The young entrepreneur behind the Americanized Asian sauces and snacks is on a mission to carry the tradition of his parents – hard working restaurateurs who immigrated to the United States in the 1970’s and spent almost 50 years successfully connecting communities through their food. Inspired by their creativity and love for feeding people’s hearts, souls, and bodies, Larry has set out to bottle up the flavors that fueled his family’s restaurants and bring them to kitchens in homes across the country.

“My parents really taught me that Asian food can have a place within the palates of every culture,” says Wu. “Their personalized approach to creating customized American Asian dishes built them a loyal following and brought together the communities that welcomed them for so many years.” 

Available in a number of stores throughout the US, including major retailers and grocery chains HomeGoods, Publix, Wegmans, Hy-Vee, and more, WUJU Foods makes creative Asian flavors more approachable for American palates with their line of sauces, snacks, marinades, and more designed to elevate any eating experience. From their spicy and crunchy Chili Crisp on pizza to their savory and sweet Hot Sauce for a better breakfast sandwich, Pineapple Agave Marinade for kicked up chicken wings, Asian Tang Potato Crisps, and more, WUJU Foods can give any dish a tasty infusion of Asian tradition with an Americanized twist.

With more and more consumers embracing Asian culture and cooking Asian fusion at home, the Asian packaged foods industry has seen incredible growth. Larry wants WUJU Foods to follow in his family’s footsteps and innovate the industry, grow the market, and make Asian food a tasty part of American culture.

For more information on WUJU Foods, its founder, and its line of American inspired Asian food products visit www.wujufoods.com.

About Wuju Foods

WUJU Foods is a line of sweet, spicy and savory sauces, snacks, and more filled with Asian flavor to entice the American palate and elevate cooking and eating experiences.

The WUJU story started in 1970’s New Jersey, where young immigrant couple Eddie and Jenny Wu planted their roots – eager and excited to grow their future. A creative couple with a flare for flavor, they opened their first restaurant to introduce Asian cuisine into American culture. It was Eddie’s passion for serving inventive dishes and desire to provide a fun and tasty experience in the restaurant that built a loyal following and fostered a feeling of community around their approach to customizing Asian cooking for the American palate.

Inspired by their hard work and dedication, WUJU Foods founder, Larry Wu, is on a mission to continue his parents’ culinary legacy by taking the tasty flavors that fueled his father’s kitchens to households all over the United States.