Hardee’s Introduces New Caramel Crumb Biscuit

Hardee's Introduces New Caramel Crumb BiscuitFor anyone with taste buds, the addition of caramel makes everything better: chocolate, ice cream, coffee, apples, and popcorn. Now Hardee’s is bringing that gooey goodness to breakfast with its new Caramel Crumb Biscuit, the sweetest new addition to chain’s popular breakfast menu.

“Our fruit-and-icing topped biscuits have been big hits with our customers for many years now but the new Caramel Crumb Biscuit just might prove to be our most popular sweet-treat ever,” said Brad Haley, executive vice president of marketing for Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc. “I’ve tried to only have a bite or two of one on several occasions but haven’t been able to stop eating them. We take one of our Made From Scratch buttermilk biscuits, pour caramel sauce over the top, drizzle white icing over that, and sprinkle the whole thing with a crumb topping. So, Hardee’s now has a great way to treat yourself at breakfast this Halloween and throughout the entire holiday season.”

The Caramel Crumb Biscuit starts with a famous Made from Scratch biscuit, which is then covered in caramel sauce, drizzled with icing, and finished off with a sweet crumbly topping. It’s available at participating Hardee’s restaurants in packages of one, two or six for $.99, $1.69 or $3.99, respectively. Prices may vary.