ArKay Zero Proof partners with for alcohol free spirits delivery service

Arkay Zero Proof partners with for alcohol free spirits delivery service


  • Online retailer Arkay has partnered with DoorDash to provide one-hour delivery in all markets where the online retailer currently operates or intends to provide service.
  • As part of the arrangement, Arkay will also allow any retailer using its online order-management technology to make deliveries through Drive, DoorDash’s fulfillment platform.
  • ?Arkay’s tie-up with DoorDash comes as the Florida-based e-retailer moves forward with an expansion effort intended to bring it to at least 200 new cities in 2021.

By the end of the year, Arkay intends to establish service in 200 cities. Customers will be able to place orders with Arkay using DoorDash’s app and website in all those locations in addition to its first market in the Fort Lauderdale and its existing markets of Dallas, Texas.

Arkay is looking to increase its presence in zero proof liquor delivery against a backdrop of strong customer interest in pickup services.

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Alcohol Free Spirits delivery for retailers and wholesalers

Connect with million of customers already on by tapping into Arkay delivery program just for zero proof alcohol retailers and wholesalers. Grow your business- all while maintaining compliance with local non-alcohol delivery laws.

How does it work?

Arkay will supply you with an inventory of 120 bottles in 6 flavors (Alcohol-free Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Brandy). The merchandise is a consignment at no cost to you (meaning you do not have to pay anything). You will receive $10 per bottle every time a order is placed and picked up by a driver. There is no need to package the product, just take the bottles from the box and give to the driver as is.

How do we alert you to prepare an order?

All orders from consumers will be placed through Arkay Beverages/ App and you will receive an alert each time an order is placed.

How do you get paid?

You will get paid daily by ACH transaction (direct deposit to your bank account or credit card).

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Together we can make a difference – Drinking when you are not drinking

Since 2011, Arkay Beverages has been fine-tuning various zero-proof spirit recipes, including vodka, tequila, gin, whisky, bourbon, and brandy, among many others, for the appreciation of fine liquor without the alcohol.

ArKay is designed for everyone to enjoy. The exceptional taste of liquor without the alcohol content makes it a perfect beverage day or night. ArKay has 0% alcohol and is designed to allow individuals who are prohibited from consuming alcohol. Imagine being able to enjoy your favorite drink at parties without worrying about drinking and driving. You will not miss a thing, as ArKay tastes and looks exactly like traditional liquor. It is suitable for drinking straight-up, on the rocks, or with your favorite mixers. Arkay Beverages is a family-owned business and is not part of a large multinational conglomerate.

About Reynald Vito Grattagliano

Reynald Vito Grattagliano is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation. Reynald is the spark behind the current alcohol-free spirit movement, having been the first in the field to imitate spirits giving consumers a sober option to a night out. He is the son of a well-known Italian perfumer in the late 20th century. He transformed himself into a successful perfumer before age 30, establishing bottling plants worldwide, and has developed some of the best product lines for household name cosmetics in the market today.

As the founder of Arkay Beverages, Reynald sees beyond the current business and technological landscape, creating real impact companies. His next endeavor is to travel to the moon, using lunar resources for innovation here on earth.

About ArKay Beverages

ArKay Beverages since 2011 is the world’s first non-alcoholic liquor flavored drink collection that gives you all the alcoholic kick, with none of the next-day sick. This alcohol replacement is a unique and innovative drink for consumers world-wide looking for an alcohol-free liquor alternative with a placebo effect. Arkay is the creator of the alcohol-free spirits category and the market leader. It is estimated that the Alcohol-Free Spirits global market share should exceed 10 Billion dollars by 2030.

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