HPH Hospitality Group Picks Zapper for POS & Mobile Payments

HPH Hospitality Group Picks Zapper for POS & Mobile Payments

HPH Hospitality Group Picks Zapper for POS & Mobile PaymentsNew York, NY  (RestaurantNews.com)  HPH Hospitality Group, a leading Manhattan restaurant and development company, says Zapper is ‘the’ mobile payment app for sit-down restaurants. Jelica Dragoljevic, HPH’s Controller, has high praise for their choice after testing it out at their Financier Patisserie locales. “We chose Zapper due to our focus on delivering a seamless pay-at-the-table experience via a QR code on the bill,” Dragoljevic said. They are now rolling out Zapper during September to their multiple sites including such fine dining establishments as Harry’s Café & Steak and Le District Food Court. HPH’s owner/partner, Peter Poulakakos, has been in the hospitality industry for nearly two decades.

General Manager of Zapper US, Josh Miller, says he is excited to partner with HPH. “Our table-service merchants and their diners appreciate the ability to pay and leave when they choose. We look forward to providing the mobile solution for HPH’s diverse portfolio of Manhattan restaurants,” Miller said. He added Zapper is on a mission to use the value of transactional data and more secure payments to reduce transaction costs and improve data-driven mobile marketing for merchants. Miller said diners are delighted to pay their restaurant bill more quickly. Zapper’s mobile app allows diners to scan a QR code on their bill and pay in seconds, with the option to tip and split the bill in-app at the table as well. Users can also locate other nearby eateries and receive promotions and discounts from where they enjoy dining. Through Zapper’s CRM and marketing service, restaurants have the ability to:

  • Offer an EMV-compliant (Europay MasterCard and Visa) payment option to diners which is the global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions – a more secure card versus the traditional swipe card
  • Increase table turnover and improve wait staff efficiencies
  • Help increase number of customers being served
  • Learn diner preferences, allowing for more targeted in-app marketing promotions by tracking diner purchases through POS integration (ex: for Happy Hour promotion or Holiday marketing)
  • Create a stronger customer following via Zapper’s voucher campaigns irrespective of if it is a QSR or full-service restaurant

Other Zapper features driving HPH’s decision were the app helps reduce transaction costs and utilizes marketing capabilities from the app to drive more revenue at restaurants. It is also designed to work well across all styles of restaurants including table-service dining, which was particularly important in HPH’s selection of their mobile partner.

Miller also said in these uncertain economic times, added security is a good thing. “Business owners are becoming more sensitive to fraudulent credit card chargebacks and are more interested in utilizing loyalty programs and mobile marketing to boost customer traffic at their business,” he said. The app’s mobile payment security is not only PCI DSS compliant, but also uses double encryption and other security measures. This greater security means fewer chargebacks which results in a lower overall processing cost.  That savings is passed down to its merchants by offering a 1.8% processing rate. In addition, Zapper has mobile marketing and loyalty programs available to merchants for a flat fee of $50 per month.

Zapper is unique as it is the only comprehensive mobile marketing app to provide a completely autonomous payment option for the consumer while acting as a SKU-level data aggregator for the merchant.  It does not require the merchant to open a separate check or revise their server’s existing workflow. The in-app promotions are automatically redeemed and the loyalty programs are digitally tracked allowing the user and merchant to maximize every interaction with customers.

About Zapper:  Launched in early 2015, Zapper specializes in mobile payment and marketing solutions for restaurants and is in restaurants across the country including Austin, NYC, Denver, and San Francisco and is in over 5,500 restaurants worldwide.

The Zapper app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms.

FMI on HPH Hospitality Group, see:  http://hphnyc.com.

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