CAULIPOWER Launches Category-Busting Plant-Based Pasta

CAULIPOWER Launches Category-Busting Plant-Based Pasta

Frozen food industry disruptor debuts new Cauliflower Pasta, offers foodservice partners additional opportunities to innovate their menus

Los Angeles, CA  (RestaurantNews.comCAULIPOWER® – the makers of America’s number one-selling cauliflower crust pizza – today announced its latest plant-based innovation and foodservice disruptor: frozen cauliflower pasta.

Available in two varieties, Linguine and Pappardelle, the new frozen cauliflower pasta looks, cooks and truly tastes like delicious, fresh pasta. Made with real cauliflower and no added sugars, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, CAULIPOWER’s frozen cauliflower pasta offers a healthier, gluten-free alternative to traditional pasta and enables foodservice partners to customize their menus with nutritious, plant-based options that cater to more dietary and lifestyle preferences.

“CAULIPOWER recognizes that staying healthy while finding ways to boost immunity by eating high-quality superfood ingredients continues to be at the forefront of consumers’ minds,” said Julie Lim, President of Sales, Foodservice and Convenience at CAULIPOWER. “That’s why we continue to innovate America’s favorite comfort foods in order to offer a healthier option for consumers. We’ve done it with pizza, chicken tenders, tortillas and now pasta. But this isn’t your average gluten-free cauliflower pasta. It has fewer calories than any other on the market and it’s seriously delicious.”

Not only does CAULIPOWER’s frozen cauliflower pasta win on taste and nutrition, but it’s also convenient for foodservice partners to prepare and serve their guests. It cooks from frozen to fresh in just three minutes, making it an easy and impactful addition to any menu.

Between the taste, texture and only a three-minute cook time, CAULIPOWER’s new frozen cauliflower pasta provides a fresh pasta experience for consumers and foodservice partners alike. To prove it, CAULIPOWER did a taste test in the pasta capital of the world – Rome, Italy – to see if Italians would recognize the difference. Watch the commercial to see the results: [Credit: Corbellini Creative].

CAULIPOWER is excited to launch the frozen cauliflower pasta as an expansion of its vegetable-forward, gluten-free offerings in the foodservice industry. This includes its signature cauliflower pizza crusts, cauliflower tortillas and healthier chicken tenders.

CAULIPOWER Launches Category-Busting Plant-Based Pasta


CAULIPOWER® uses the power of veggies to make healthier, easier versions of the food you crave, that actually taste like the food you crave. CAULIPOWER’s first innovation, cauliflower crust pizza, created a white-hot category in 2017. Today, CAULIPOWER is the #1 cauliflower crust pizza, the #1 natural pizza, and #1 gluten-free pizza in the U.S. In addition to cauliflower crust pizzas, the CAULIPOWER family of innovative products now includes the only baked (never fried) chicken tenders, riced cauliflower cups in never-before-done flavors, cauliflower tortillas, and the perfect single-ingredient solution for bread, Sweet PotaTOASTS.

Founder, CEO and mother of two sons with Celiac Disease, Gail Becker, left a global executive position in 2016 and set out to innovate the frozen food aisle. It remains her mission to eliminate the need for consumers to ever have to choose between taste, convenience, and health. CAULIPOWER is brought to you by Vegolutionary FoodsTM, a company of “never-been-dones,” inspired by what people want. Every CAULIPOWER purchase benefits the American Heart Association Teaching Gardens Network, a program installing edible teaching gardens in under-resourced schools throughout the country. Find CAULIPOWER in over 5,000 foodservice establishments nationwide and in more than 25,000 retailers. Learn more at

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